Thursday, 9 February 2017

Minnows 11½-4½ Wallace 6/2/17

Grading-wise this was a pretty much expected scoreline but lack of playing time showed for the rusty Minnows duo of John and George resulting in a tight start which included an unusual flurry of draws in round 1.  However the round 3 whitewash put paid to Stirling’s hopes of an upset.  Stirling’s temporary guest from America (Brad) seemed to enjoy his debut and was a bit unlucky not to have scored more.

Round 1
Ian Robertson 1-0 Gordon Allcock
Calum Smith  ½ -½ Brad Duthie
John McBride ½ -½ Steve Smith
George Webb  ½ -½ Tom Wallace
2½ -1½

Round 2
Ian Robertson 1-0 Brad Duthie
Calum Smith 1-0 Steve Smith
John McBride 0-1 Tom Wallace
George Webb 0-1 Gordon Allcock

Round 3
Ian Robertson 1-0 Steve Smith
Calum Smith 1-0 Tom Wallace
John McBride 1-0 Gordon Allcock
George Webb 1-0 Brad Duthie

Round 4
Ian Robertson 1-0 Tom Wallace
Calum Smith 1-0 Gordon Allcock
John McBride 1-0 Brad Duthie
George Webb 0-1 Steve Smith

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