Thursday, 23 May 2019

Dunfermline Sharks v Grangemouth Tigers - 20/05/19

This Allegro match was our last match of the season. A Tigers win would confirm them as Allegro champions with the Sharks considered underdogs. Although Dunfermline put up a good fight, the Grangemouth team proved too strong in this friendly encounter.

It was too much to expect a Dunfermline victory even without Grangemouth fielding their star man. We congratulate Grangemouth Tigers on their Allegro league victory and look forward to meeting them again next year.

Dunfermline Sharks.                  Grangemouth Tigers
Fred Ossowski        (B)    0         Alan Bell              1
Stewart Brisbane     (B)    0         Dougie Will         1
Mark McLintock     (B)    1         Ian Mason            0
Derek Rodger          (B)    0         Hugh Hanson      1
     Round 1                       1                                     3

Fred Ossowski        (W)    1        Hugh Hanson      0
Stewart Brisbane    (W)     0       Alan Bell             1
Mark McLintock    (W)     0       Dougie Will        1
Derek Rodger         (W)     0       Ian Mason           1
        Round 2                     1                                   3

Fred Ossowski        (B)     0        Ian Mason             1
Stewart Brisbane    (B)     1          Hugh Hanson      0
Mark McLintock      (B)   0         Alan Bell              1
Derek Rodger          (B)    0         Dougie Will          1
      Round 3                      1                                       3

Fred Ossowski        (W)    0        Dougie Will           1
Stewart Brisbane    (W)    0        Ian Mason              1
Mark McLintock     (W)   1        Hugh Hanson         0
Derek Rodger          (W)   0        Alan Bell                1
       Round 4                     1                                       3

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Grangemouth 8 - 8 Minnows - 01/05/19

 Grangemouth 8 - 8 Minnows

U. Archibong              1 - 0              I. Robertson
A. Bell                        0 - 1              C. Smith
I. Mason                     1 - 0             G. Forero
D. Kitaev (29122)       0 - 1             G. Greig
Uby                             1 - 0             Calum
Alan                            0 -1               Gonzalo
Ian M                           0.5               Gordon
Daniel                         0 - 1              Ian R

Uby                             1 - 0              Gonzalo
Alan                            1 - 0              Gordon
Ian M                          0 - 1              Ian R
Daniel                         0 - 1              Calum

Uby                             1 - 0              Gordon
Alan                            1 - 0              Ian R
Ian M                            0.5              Calum
Daniel                         0 - 1              Gonzalo

Well done to Uby 4 wins.
Thanks to young Daniel for volunteering to play.

 A Grangemouth Tigers victory over Dunfermline Sharks later this month will see them defend the title.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Under 1500 KO Final - 29/04/19

Dunfermline. Badgers Brook
Gonzalo Forero (B). 0. Mark Brown. 1
Stewart Brisbane. (W). 1. Kenny Alston. 0
Douglas Rew. (W). 1/2. Derek Raffan. 1/2
Gordon Greig. (B). 1. Dylan Gillies. 0
Mark McLintock. (B). 0. Gordon Walker. 1

This Final was played on Monday night at Dunfermline.
During the match there was some faulty moves but this is what you get with our grading level. This also made the match exciting and unpredictable.

After losing a pawn in the opening, Gonzalo gained two bishops for a rook, likely winning, but blundered a bishop. A deserved win for Mark as Gonzalo made too many errors.
Stewart dropped a pawn in the opening but got the pieces out quickly, recovering the pawn. Kenny could not get his rooks in the game, and lost two knights for a rook. The material told in the end.
Derek, up two pieces for a rook, sac'ed his remaining rook for a bishop and a mating attack but misplaced his knight giving Douglas a flight square. Last to finish Douglas held his nerve and reached a drawn endgame.
Dylan pushed too many pawns on the queenside in the opening allowing Greg to win one and prevent Dylan castling. Greg was able to build up a mating net on the open queenside.
On 5. Gordon's pressure on the kings side caused Mark to misplace a knight which was trapped, this proved decisive.

With the match drawn, we went to board count 6 each.
So we remove the bottom board and Dunfermline win.

Dunfermline players congratulated Douglas as he managed to obtain the draw under intense pressure from Derek and as last finished he also had the excited club audience to deal with.
Add by Stewart
It was tense watching particularly the top 3 boards which all found themselves with unbalanced rook plus pawn v 2 minor pieces positions. The 2 pieces aught to have won all 3 games but the rook and pawns had their say and honours were shared.