Thursday, 17 November 2016

Dunfermline 2-3 Badgers Brook 14/11/16

Badgers were the stronger side on the night and deservedly won.  Fritz confirmed that my position was = throughout.  John should have gone for a pawn snatch but having not done so ended up with still the same holes in his position but no material to compensate.  Michael played well again in a complex Budapest Gambit but his opponent always seemed to have plenty freedom and a fair repetition ended the game.  Stuart started confidently but gradually got pushed back and lost after overlooking a simple check that had much more venom than it looked.  Fred won easily after his opponent made a number of early errors.

Badgers Brook had white on 1, 4 & 5

Badgers Brook


Stirling C vs Dunfermline B, 14/11/16

Stirling C vs Dunfermline B, 14/11/16

Craig Manson 1387  0-1  Jamie O'Connor 1642
David Brodie (c) 1381  1-0  Stewart Brisbane 1512
Kyle Kirkpatrick 1360  1-0  Douglas Rew 1490
Tom Wallace 1243  1-0  Peter Horne (c) 1385
Mick Bloor 1163  0-1  Mark McLintock 1196

Dunfermline had white on the odd-numbered boards.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Stirling A 4-1 Dunfermline A 31/10/16

Stirling A 4-1 Dunfermline A

Jim Shemilt 1-0 Ian Robertson
Graham Anderson 0-1 Mike Roy
Steve smith 1-0 Stuart Black
Bill Cook 1-0 Ben Volland
Tony Pitson 1-0 Stewart Brisbane

On board one Ian lost after becoming distracted in a level position.  Mike won well with a strong king-side attack after Graham got too passive in the opening.  Stuart had a super looking position after just a few moves in an open Kings Gambit but snatched material too early and Steve found a nice counter exchange sacrifice to create enough big threats.  Ben is a bit out of sorts at the moment and tried to press a level game only to emulate his board one teammate and blunder.  Stewart also played a daft move advancing a pawn to attack a rook. Alas the pawn was guarding a knight which the rook simply took.  Not a match to remember.