Thursday, 27 November 2014

Grangemouth v Minnows-26/11/14

Wow - another close encounter which finished in favour of Minnows by 8.5-7.5

Dunfermline were missing a couple of regulars with Jim in San Francisco and Ben at Scouts.  Glynis was going to play but caught a bug going around school so Andy stepped in for another rare outing.  Until this week Kelechi had only played one evening of 5-minute chess in the past 5 years but after some practice games on Monday he offered to take part as a replacement for Jim. 

The first sign of Kelechi’s inexperience came in round 1 when he was winning but thought he only had 6 seconds left instead of the 6 minutes he actually had!  Panic set in with a disastrous outcome.

Round 2 was a second successive 2-2 after Andy let Bill off the hook while Ian M did likewise with George.

Round 3 saw Grangemouth take the lead in the match and it could have been even better but this time it was Bill that let Ian escape.

Round 4 was a complete contrast with Minnows dominating and would have been even more emphatic if Andy had played mate in one instead of going for mate in 2 whereby he lost on time!  

Grangemouth 7.5 - 8.5 Dunfermline Minnows

Round 1
Alan Bell 0-1 Ian Robertson
Ian Mason 1-0 Kelechi Ohiaeri
Bill Gray 1-0 George Webb
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Andy Forbes

Round 2
Alan Bell 1/2-1/2 Kelechi Ohiaeri
Ian Mason 1/2-1/2 George Webb
Bill Gray 1-0 Andy Forbes
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Ian Robertson

Round 3
Alan Bell 1-0 George Webb
Ian Mason 1-0 Andy Forbes
Bill Gray 1/2-1/2 Ian Robertson
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Kelechi Ohiaeri

Round 4
Alan Bell 1-0 Andy Forbes
Ian Mason 0-1 Ian Robertson
Bill Gray 0-1 Kelechi Ohiaeri

Hugh Hanlon 0-1 George Webb

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stirling A v Dunfermline A 10/11/14

The match ended as a draw but Dunfermline probably should have got both points if they had been a bit braver towards the end.  Gavin lost in a tactical melee before Stuart won a controlled positional game to level the match.  Dunfermline were better on the other boards and when boards 3 and 4 gained material Ian offered a draw in a fairly balanced ending though perhaps he still had a slightly better position.  Alas neither Jim nor Fred could convert their superior positions opting instead not to throw away the match by blundering late in the games and accepting draws for a tied match.

Stirling A 2.5 - 2.5 Dunfermline A 

  1. Shivan Murdochy 1/2-1/2 Ian Robertson
  2. Jim Shemilt 1-0 Gavin Saxton
  3. Steve Smith 1/2-1/2 Fred Ossowski
  4. Graham Anderson 1/2-1/2 Jim Webster
  5. Bill Cook 0-1 Stuart Black