Thursday, 25 March 2010

Welcome to this blog about chess in the Central League

Three of the Central League clubs already have excellent websites Cumbernauld, Dunfermline and Stirling. These websites already provide plenty of information about the clubs and their matches in the league.

However, I felt that what is needed is somewhere for this information and pictures can be pulled together on one site. Which could then be viewed in a historical timeline. Normal websites and forums would struggle to properly and clearly display that amount of data. Therefore, a blog is the obvious answer and should prove an excellent historical tool for all the clubs in the Central League. Also, it might also be useful in advertising the clubs to potential new members.

To make this blog useful, I would be grateful for any of the following information that can be provided, match scores, players, results, reports and pictures. Even if it is about hammering Dunfermline!


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