Sunday, 28 November 2010

Preston Chess Congress

Quick summary:
Half point bye, 3 draws and a win for 3/5. Not the best and not the worst performance. Two winning (one very winning) games turned into draws. One worse position also turned into a draw. One draw came from a game were I was the exchange up and one draw were I was the exchange down. Opponent ECF grades 137, 141, 152 and 157.

Hopefully, weather permitting, Dunfermline will field its strongest team for years, into the team lightning next week. It is usually a very good event to play in.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bad night in the office for the Dunfermline side.

I was not available for this match and waited with baited breath at what I thought would be just a matter of how much the Dunfermline side won by.

Oops, now I wish this match had been re-arranged. On the plus side, Dunfermline's results are repeating themselves from last year and the title is still in their hands.

Well done to Stirling for overcoming big grading deficits on every board.  

Captains report by Ian Robertson.

On paper this looked tricky for Stirling but in practice they possibly should have gone on to win.  With Dunfermline boards 1 & 5 suffering from ill-health both struggled to get properly involved and that could have led to a 2-0 advantage to Stirling if top board had gone for a win instead of making multiple draw offers.  Gavin’s opponent went for that good old plan of glory or bust and was rewarded with the latter when he quickly found himself 2 pawns down and zero compensation.  Garry had extra space and a bit of initiative but a breakthrough was difficult to accomplish and towards the end the position may have been turning against him when Steve opted instead to neutralise the game with an exchange of pieces on e5.  That left Michael last to finish again and he went into N & P’s endgame with an extra pawn but less active K & N.  To get his pieces in play the material had to be returned leaving a balanced position. Graham accepted the draw offer for a drawn match. 

K McGeogh 1714.5.5I Robertson 2137
S Smith 1673.5.5G Forbes 1768
D Hewitt 156501G Saxton 1723
G Anderson 1557.5.5M Roy 1705
J Blake 119310F Ossowski 1703

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dunfermline V Grangemouth

The crunch match up between the leagues top teams ended up a score draw at 2.5-2.5. With three matches left to play everything is still in the balance. The return away match at Grangemouth next February will now have to decide who wins the league.

For a long time the match look like going Dunfermline's way. We were better on all five boards and certainly much better on boards one, two (with accurate play in a complicated position) and three. In the end only board one converted the win, with boards two, four and five ending as draws. 

The draw result was really down to me, as with the game at the SNCL I lost control of a game that I total control over. I knew I had a better position, I just failed to find the right moves. At the moment, I am messing up too many games with my poor decisions. Below are three of the many critical points in the game where I had a chance to seal the win. 
24.   c5 gives black a good advantage.

27.   c5 again is again a good move for black.

Black has played poorly to allow this position, but even here 43.  Q-c2 leaves white in a mess. However, by this point I was short of time and rushed my move, ggggrrrrr.

I Robertson 213710I Mason 1879
G Forbes 1768.5.5D Will 1850
J McBride 176601M Monaghan 1675
G Saxton 1723.5.5J Smith 1635
M Roy 1705.5.5H Hanlon 1492
The captains match report:
A match whose final result got ever more difficult to predict as it progressed.  On board one Ian R gained Q for R advantage eventually converting an awkward ending.  On two Dougie played one of his speciality sacrifices leaving both players with a multitude of captures where anything could have happened but it all quickly simplified.  On three John missed two chances to take advantage of a loose piece but after that the position turned against him ending with a mate in one blunder.  Board four was mainly about a cagey but balanced ending. On five Michael was well on top but Hugh battled gamely to put his opponent under severe time pressure so that Michael was obliged to offer a draw.       

Sunday, 14 November 2010

SNCL rounds three and four

With the exception of Cumbernauld, the Central League teams had some good results in rounds three and four of the SNCL. To be fair to Cumbernauld, they had to face two of the top teams in division one. One of which were another Central League team, the Kingdom Kings. The Kingdom Kings now have won their four rounds in division one and Forth Valley have also won their four rounds in division two. The Kingdom Knights are in clear 2nd place in division three, after scoring two wins, a draw and a loss in their four matches. 

The Knights started round three as slight favourites against Oban, but were soon looking like losers, after Stuart on board 4 and I on board two went wrong. Stuart turned his game around to win, after a few inaccurate moves by his opponent. I provided my opponent with a two move help mate on move 16, when I played R-g1, luckily he missed it and I went on to draw.

The round four match was against the team most likely to be fighting the Knights for the second promotion spot, Lanark. This was a roller-coaster match and fortunes varied. Fred and I on boards two/three threw away good positions to lose. Stuart on board four again turned around a worse position to win.  The captain on board five was trying to emulate my game in the morning and allowed a forced mate. Despite spending a long time looking at it, his opponent missed it and Peter drew. This bit of luck was crucial, as when Garry won on board one we drew the match. This means that we are one point ahead of our rivals for 2nd place, three points behind the leaders. Only three more match wins for promotion.

 Round four board one-five, Kingdom Knights V Lanark. Nice win by Garry.
Same match, board five-one. Peter you are a lucky boy! Black soon had tripled heavy pieces on the 7th rank. 
 An all Central League, division one, round four match up. Kingdom Kings v Cumbernauld, boards one-four visible. You are a lucky boy also Ian! Accidently sacking a queen for three pieces and getting away with it.
Same match, different view.
Division one, round three
dGradeKilmarnock(7)vs(3)Kingdom KingsGradeComments
1 1946 Parks, Joe  0  -  1 Burnett, Andrew B  2171 Away Win 
2 1811 Malkin, Kenneth  0  -  1 Robertson, Ian C  2137 Away Win 
3 1797 Kleboe, James P R  1  -  0 Jenkins, Ben J  1914 Home Win 
4 1618 Malkin, Jamie  0  -  1 Pyrich, George D  1907 Away Win 
5 1463 McNicoll, John D  ½  -  ½ Kynoch, Russell J F  1858 Draw 

BdGradeCumbernauld(8)vs(1)Hamilton AGradeComments
1 2185 Grant, Alan G  0  -  1 Redpath, Joe  2266 Away Win 
2 1887 Marks, Ian A  0  -  1 Coffey, Patrick  2216 Away Win 
3 1788 Kelly, J Stephen  0  -  1 Muir, Andrew J (IM)  2220 Away Win 
4 1700 Parkes, Jack C  0  -  1 Walker, Duncan  2016 Away Win 
5 1548 Thomson, George  0  -  1 Donohue, Tom  1954 Away Win 
0 - 5

Division one, round four
BdGradeKingdom Kings(3)vs(8)CumbernauldGradeComments
1 2171 Burnett, Andrew B  1  -  0 Grant, Alan G  2185 Home Win 
2 2137 Robertson, Ian C  1  -  0 Marks, Ian A  1887 Home Win 
3 1914 Jenkins, Ben J  0  -  1 Kelly, J Stephen  1788 Away Win 
4 1907 Pyrich, George D  ½  -  ½ Parkes, Jack C  1700 Draw 
5 1858 Kynoch, Russell J F  1  -  0 Thomson, George  1548 Home Win 

Division two, round three
BdGradeForth Valley(4)vs(6)Dumfries and DistrictGradeComments
1 1879 Mason, Ian C  1  -  0 Green, Michael L  1998 Home Win 
2 1850 Will, Douglas  1  -  0 Walton, Robert J  1837 Home Win 
3 1714 McGeoch, Kenny  ½  -  ½ Brown, David E  1925 Draw 
4 1673 Smith, Stephen H  ½  -  ½ Saunders, Karsten  1540 Draw 
5 1557 Anderson, Graham C  1  -  0 Sim, Robert C  1299 Home Win 
4 - 1

Division two, round four
BdGradeEdinburgh 2(7)vs(4)Forth ValleyGradeComments
1 1765 Murdochy, Shivan  0  -  1 Mason, Ian C  1879 Away Win 
2 1740 Sanderson, Mark  0  -  1 Will, Douglas  1850 Away Win 
3 1564 He, Ben  ½  -  ½ McGeoch, Kenny  1714 Draw 
4 1563 Gregory, Sam  ½  -  ½ Smith, Stephen H  1673 Draw 
5 0 Zamvar, Vipin  1  -  0 Togneri, Robert G  1358 Home Win 
2 - 3

Division three, round three
BdGradeOban(1)vs(7)Kingdom KnightsGradeComments
1 1844 Campbell, Alistair W I  ½  -  ½ Forbes, Garry  1768 Draw 
2 1792 Campbell, Duncan A F  ½  -  ½ McBride, John  1766 Draw 
3 1670 Flockhart, Hugh S  ½  -  ½ Ossowski, Francis G  1703 Draw 
4 1501 Coope, Derek W  0  -  1 Blyth, Stuart  1664 Away Win 
5 1369 Doris, Peter J  0  -  1 Horne, Peter  1407 Away Win 

Division three, round four
BdGradeKingdom Knights(7)vs(6)LanarkGradeComments
1 1768 Forbes, Garry  1  -  0 Smalls, Jim A  1766 Home Win 
2 1766 McBride, John  0  -  1 McLachlan, Ian R  1693 Away Win 
3 1703 Ossowski, Francis G  0  -  1 Brown, Tom W B  1667 Away Win 
4 1664 Blyth, Stuart  1  -  0 Brownlee, Ian G  1661 Home Win 
5 1407 Horne, Peter  ½  -  ½ Benyon, Maurice  1462 Draw 

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Crunch allegro league match between the the Dunfermline Minnows and the Grangemouth Lions

Played on Wednesday the 10th of November, this was a match-up between the two main teams who are likely to win the league. 

Normally this is a hard fought match, however, this year the Lions came up against a Minnows side that was on fire. Ian Robertson scored 4/4, John McBride scored 3.5/4, Jim Webster scored 2/4 and Calum Smith scored 1/4. Although Calum scored only 1/4, he scored in round one and I think this was crucial in setting the scene. As this was a round the Lions had to win, given that the Lions top players had a chance against the Minnows lower players. After that, as the rounds went on, they had to face Ian Robertson one by one.  

The title is now in the hands of the Minnows team.

Result: Dunfermline Minnows 10.5 – 5.5 Grangemouth Lions

Round 1
Ian Robertson-2181
Hugh Hanlon-1394

John McBride-1728
Ian Mason-1827

Jim Webster-1652
Doug Will-1805

Calum Smith-1675
Jim Watson-1559


Round 2
Ian Robertson
Jim Watson

John McBride
Hugh Hanlon

Jim Webster
Ian Mason

Calum Smith
Doug Will


Round 3
Ian Robertson
Doug Will

John McBride
Jim Watson

Jim Webster
Hugh Hanlon

Calum Smith
Ian Mason


Round 4
Ian Robertson
Ian Mason

John McBride
Doug Will

Jim Webster
Jim Watson

Calum Smith
Hugh Hanlon