Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dunfermline 2 Stirling 0 - 13/02/17

Dunfermline A vs Stirling A, 13/2/17

Ian Robertson (c) 2024  1-0  Jim Shemilt 1756
John McBride 1788  ½-½  Steve Smith (c) 1676
Michael Roy 1662  1-0  Bill Cook 1657
Stuart Black 1647  ½-½  Dave Hewitt 1474
Peter Horne 1386  ½-½  Robert Leckie 1469

Dunfermline A  3½-1½  Stirling A

Stirling had white on boards 2, 4 and 5.


Dunfermline B vs Stirling C, 13/2/17

Jamie O'Connor 1642  1-0  Brad Duthie 1449
Fred Ossowski 1536  1-0  Craig Manson 1387
Stewart Brisbane 1512  0-1  Kyle Kirkpatrick 1360
Douglas Rew 1490  0-1  Tom Wallace (c) 1243
Matt Harris u/g  1-0  Robert Togneri 1267

Dunfermline B  3-2  Stirling C

Stirling had white on boards 1, 4 and 5.

(I'm not sure who was captain of Dunfermline B.)


Two good wins for Dunfermline. Curiously, all five of the A team games
finished before any of the games in the other match. Game of the night
was probably the Brisbane-Kirkpatrick clash which was a very sharp and
interesting affair. Other watchable games included Leckie-Horne (where
Peter did well to survive some sustained pressure) and Ossowski-Manson
(last game to finish, with Fred finding a very nice mating attack). By
contrast, the Hewitt-Black encounter was 17 moves of very drawish
stuff, with the handshake coming before 8pm. Special mention should be
made of Matt Harris's win in what I believe was his first competitive

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