Thursday, 21 February 2019

Grangemouth A 3-2 Dunfermline A - 20/02/19

  1. Uby Archibong draw Ian Robertson
  2. Alan Bell (default 0-1) Calum Smith
  3. Graham Hamilton 1-0 Stewart Brisbane
  4. Dave Wallace draw Gordon Greig
  5. Duncan Glassey 1-0 Glynis Grant

It was unfortunate that Alan didn’t make it but also that had Dougie realised earlier he could have asked to step in.  He thought about asking me if that would be ok but I was engrossed in my game.  He had forgotten that it was actually Calum that was captain and could have discussed it direct!

Games themselves were good particularly Gordon’s excellent draw where he generated strong counter attacking position forcing David to opt for perpetual.  Glynis was pleased with her effort but a pawn conceded early was her eventual downfall.  Stewart may have missed a nice mid game tactic but seemed to be still doing rather well – 2 bishops for a rook before falling for a cheap shot dropping 2 pieces. Uby was still analysing where he might have done better – looked like he was going to spend several hours on it.  His slightly better position netted a pawn leaving each player with 2 rooks and a bishop but with Uby having 3 kingside pawns to Ian’s 2 pawns.  Ian sacked rook for bishop and pawn leaving almost zero winning chances and although Uby declined a draw there were really no practical chances left and after a further dozen moves or so the draw was agreed.   

NB. It appears that Dougie did become aware of the problems in time, but felt uncomfortable about changing the team so late on.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Cumbernauld A 3-2 Dunfermline A - 21/11/18

  1. Steven Kelly draw Ian Robertson
  2. Ralph Stirrat 1-0 Calum Smith
  3. Mark Monaghan 1-0 Douglas Rew
  4. David Johnstone 0-1 Gonzalo Forero
  5. George Thomson draw Glynis Grant

Top board was a complex affair which includes the clock which neither player could fathom. White (Ian) could have won a pawn instead of losing one – often a good ploy. Steven would likely have eventually converted his plunder but a combination of the iffy clock settings and with match won a draw was offered.  Ralph played a tricky opening line catching Calum out and when the storm came not enough hatches were battened down.  Likewise with board 3 when Douglas set a wee trap but once it was negotiated his position took a serious turn for the worse.  Gonzalo was rightly concerned about his position “way too open for my liking” but David overlooked something – which happened to be a mate in 2.  Glynis also tried for checkmate by offering a second pawn and although George hadn’t seen the trap he settled for an exchange of rooks and one pawn but the opposite coloured bishop ending was a draw.      

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Dunfermline vs Grangemouth A, 29/10/18

Dunfermline vs Grangemouth A, 29/10/18

Ian Robertson 2045 ½-½ Uby Archibong 2194
Jamie O'Connor 1664 0-1 Alan Bell 1991
Calum Smith (c) 1612 ½-½ Graham Hamilton 1976
Gonzalo Ferero 1434 1-0 David Wallace (c) 1756
Gordon Greig 1396  ½-½ Duncan Glassey 1720

Dunfermline 2½ - 2½ Grangemouth A

Dunfermline had white on boards 2 and 4.
The late Alan Clark MP's family had an expression for the unpredictability of life: "ACHAB" - anything can happen at backgammon.

ACHAC too, as we have another unexpected draw for Dunfermline against stronger opposition.

On Board 1 Uby as white had pressure on Ian's kingside and e6 pawn in particular. The momentum of his attack then reduced but Uby kept going when consolidation was probably called for. Ian achieved a draw by perpetual check (delivered by Uby) to avoid the loss of the first player's queen. 

Jamie as white unfortunately allowed Alan to equalise fairly quickly. He was then outplayed, losing an exchange. A brave attempt.

In my game against Graham - a sort of Evans Gambit Declined - I felt I had good central activity and was going to go one or maybe two pawns up while maintaining that activity. I offered a draw on the 21st move which Graham accepted. A bird in the hand, after all.

Board 4 provided the first win of the night. A classic d4, c4 start for Gonzalo with white. In a very close game black was one pawn up but white managed to recover and thanks to the strong white bishop on c3, and a rook on the 7th rank, took victory as mate was on the way.

Post-match analysis in the pub revealed that Dunfermline's Gordon Greig rode his luck. Against Duncan's Sicilian Defence Gordon became short on time for the first control at 30 moves. An inspired b4 push tried to lure a bishop away which would allow perpetual check using one mobile and one static rook. It didn't work at first, but eventually the bishop was drawn and so was the game.


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Badgers Brook vs Dunfermline, 15/10/18

Badgers Brook vs Dunfermline, 15/10/18

Suzy Cooke 1997  1-0  Ian Robertson 2045
Kenny McGeoch (c) 1966  0-1  Calum Smith (c) 1612
Mark Cooke 1964  ½-½ Fred Ossowski 1548
Fabio Biancalana 1705  0-1 Stewart Brisbane 1465  
Kenny Aiston 1462 1-0 Peter Horne 1295

Badgers Brook 2½ - 2½ Dunfermline

Badgers Brook had white on boards 3 and 5.

An unexpected draw considering the grading differences, though a sare yin for Ian Robertson as he lost a game that was there to win (or at least not lose). 
After an Exchange French with c4, he had good pressure on the kingside with some sacrifice possibilities (e.g. Nxg7). Three of his pieces were still to be developed, however, which discouraged anything speculative. With 18 seconds to the time control Ian had to rush a calculation and an error was duly turned to advantage by Suzy. The computer tells us that with the right move Ian would have  retained a 1.50 plus lead, but the move he played put him at minus 2.30. A second error later with bank-rank threats sealed the game.

On Board 2 Kenny McGeoch pressed for initiative but probably over-extended. I had a series of attacks going that put me a rook up in the end. I should have played to simplify the whole thing but, sticking to the plan, strung it out for a few more moves.

In Mark and Fred's Queen's Gambit Declined both parties soon had everything centralised though Fred missed an attack on f2 which would have ended with rook and 4 pawns v rook and 6 to his advantage. A draw was agreed later. 

To Board 4, and Stewart Brisbane had a nice bishop sacrifice on h7 which provided a queen for two pieces, and a final combination that left Q vs N.

A brave effort on Board 5 by Peter Horne but he succumbed; a win for Kenny Aiston.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Minnows 10-6 Sharks - 01/10/18

Minnows 10-6 Sharks

Round 1
Gonzalo Forero 0-1 Jamie O’Connor
Calum Smith 1-0 Stewart Brisbane
Gordon Greig 1-0 Peter Horne
Ian Robertson 1-0 Mark McLintock

Round 2
Forero 1-0  McLintock
Smith  1-0 O’Connor
Greig  0-1  Brisbane
Robertson 1-0 Horne
3-1/ 6-2

Round 3
Forero 0-1 Horne
Smith 1-0 McLintock
Greig 0-1 O’Connor
Robertson 1-0 Brisbane
2-2/ 8-4

Round 4
Forero 0-1 Brisbane
Smith 1-0 Horne
Greig 0-1 McLintock
Robertson 1-0 O’Connor
2-2/ 10-6

Individual scores:
Minnows: Robertson 4, Smith 4, Forero 1, Greig 1
Sharks: O’Connor 2, Brisbane 2, Horne 1, McLintock 1

Everybody got a point.  Mark’s came in last round when he delivered mate as his flag fell.  Both players were prepared to accept the loss!  Great spirit.   With most of the results going as expected and the B-players all getting 1 point each, the result really came down to how Calum would get on against Sharks top boards.  Had Calum lost both then the match would have been tied but Dunfermline’s new club captain delivered to get Minnows off to a winning start.   

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Inaugural Fife Champions match - 26/09/18

Congratulations to all who took part in the inaugural Fife Champions match. Dunfermline took the championship with 10 points; Kirkcaldy on 6.5 and Newport on 1.5. Thank you to organiser and host Stuart Blyth of Kirkcaldy. The three clubs enjoyed the occasion which had plenty of entertaining games. Looking forward to seeing this become an annual event!

Dunfermline 1 Stirling 4 - 24/09/18

Dunfermline 1 Stirling 4

Ben Volland 1/2 Jim Shemilt
Jamie O'Connor 0-1 Steve Smith
Calum Smith 0-1 Graham Anderson
Stewart Brisbane 0-1 David McAlister
Gordon Greig 1/2 Brad Duthie

There was a debut league win for David McAlister who's a welcome 
newcomer having moved here following a long and distinguished chess 
career in Northern Ireland.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Last match of the season - Cumbernauld 3-2 Dunfermline

No surprises though we possibly could have done better against Cumbernauld with Jamie in a strong position early on before shortage of time led to a draw being accepted.  Glynis was a pawn down but seemed to have enough play to hold but ran out of ideas and fatally started moving pawns in front of her king.   The Badgers match was a fair reflection of the play except that I accepted an early draw offer when clearly better but we were being slaughtered on all the other boards at the time and likewise Fabio accepted a draw when winning but the match was over anyway.  We finish bottom of the league with 2 wins and 6 losses

Cumbernauld 3-2 Dunfermline

  1. S Kelly 0-1 I Robertson
  2. R Stirrat draw J O’Connor
  3. G Thomson draw C Smith
  4. D McAteer 1-0 S Brisbane
  5. S Monaghan 1-0 G Grant

Badgers Brook

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Minnows 8-8 Tigers - 26/03/18

Dave thought the narrow win for Dunfermline in the Bruce v Sharks match was tight but we trumped it!  

As always there were the usual shoogly positions and mighty blunders including me reversing 2 moves and thereby setting up a mate in one for Graham – which he then missed!  The strangest position I noticed out the corner of my eye was in the Jamie v Bill game with Jamie’s King getting mated on e5 with what looked like nearly every piece still on the board.  I must remind Jamie that the days of the King leading his troops into battle are gone.  That position however is in itself worthy of 2 exclamation marks!!

It was a really enjoyable match with everyone in jovial mood with Grangemouth turning up relaxed and happy after what seems the first time in ages getting to travel on a nice bright sunny evening and Dunfermline also full of good cheer after winning the SNCL Division 3 title the previous day.

I believe the result means that Tigers can win the Allegro league if they beat Stirling Wallace by any margin in their final match.  All the best to both sides.

Round 1
Gonzalo Forero 0-1 Graham Hamilton
Jamie O’Connor 0-1 Dougie Will
Ian Robertson 1-0 Ian Mason
Calum Smith 1-0 Bill Gray

Round 2
Gonzalo 0-1 Dougie
Jamie ½-½ Ian M
Ian R 1-0 Bill
Calum 0-1 Graham

Round 3
Gonzalo ½-½ Ian M
Jamie 0-1 Bill
Ian R 1-0 Graham
Calum 1-0 Dougie

Round 4
Gonzalo 1-0 Bill
Jamie 0-1 Graham
Ian R 1-0 Dougie
Calum 0-1 Ian M

Individual Scores
Minnows: Ian R 4, Calum 2, Gonzalo 1½, Jamie ½
Tigers: Graham 3, Dougie 2, Ian M 2, Bill 1

Game Points
Match Points
Grangemouth Tigers
Dunfermline Minnows
Stirling Bruce
Dunfermline Sharks
Stirling Wallace

Stirling Bruce 7½-8½ Dunfermline Sharks - 26/03/18

A very tight match in which three of the four rounds were drawn, the
difference ultimately being round 3 in which three games were drawn
but Michael beat Brad. Lots of close games throughout as might be
imagined, and there was very little in it - an exciting match where
Sharks held on to win in a final round that saw four long games. For
the Bruce team, Bill and I were like synchronised swimmers, scoring
exactly the same in each round: loss-win-draw-draw.

Stirling Bruce vs Dunfermline Sharks, 26/3/18

round 1
Bill Cook 1601  0-1  Stuart Black 1614
Graham Anderson 1595  1-0  Michael Roy 1604
Dave Hewitt (c) 1558  0-1  Stewart Brisbane (c) 1441
Brad Duthie 1316  1-0  Peter Horne 1373

round 2
Cook  1-0  Horne
Anderson  0-1  Black
Hewitt  1-0  Roy
Duthie  0-1  Brisbane
2-2 / 4-4

round 3
Cook  ½-½  Brisbane
Anderson  ½-½  Horne
Hewitt  ½-½  Black
Duthie  0-1  Roy
1½-2½ / 5½-6½

round 4
Cook  ½-½  Roy
Anderson  1-0  Brisbane
Hewitt  ½-½  Horne
Duthie  0-1  Black
2-2 / 7½-8½

Sharks had white in rounds 2 and 4.

Individual scores:
Bruce: Anderson 2½, Cook and Hewitt both 2, Duthie 1
Sharks: Black 3½, Brisbane 2½, Roy 1½, Horne 1

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Dunfermline A 3-2 Badgers Brook A 19/03/18

Ian Robertson (1919) 1-0 Kenny McGeoch (2054)
Stuart Black (1675)  ½-½  Fabio Biancalana (1746)
Jamie O’Connor (1661)  ½-½ Graham Kerr (1562)
Michael Roy (1660) 0-1 Dave McGilvary (1430)
Gonzalo Forero (u/g) 1-0 Dylan Gillies (1361)

Dunfermline were white on boards 2 and 5

On top board black’s accidental drop of an exchange surprisingly led to me getting a very active and slightly better of the position.  Some frantic time trouble antics eventually led to Kenny getting 3 pieces for queen but with his knight stuck in the corner and a repetition on offer he probably should have settled for the draw.  He went for mate instead and got to within one move but alas it was not his turn and it was Ian who downed the white king first.  The Stuart and Fabio game was pretty uneventful with any early initiative Stuart had quickly petering out. Although Fabio later declined a draw progress was not possible.  Jamie probably should have won having accumulated several extra pawns but all credit to Graham for creating the one chance that led to Jamie’s time dwindling (again!) and a draw was agreed.  Dave did well matching Michael’s solid middle game play and eventually gaining an outside passed pawn.  After avoiding late cheap tricks Dave was going to convert when Mike’s flag fell saving him the trouble.  Gonzalo played a lovely attack getting all his pieces aiming at his opponents semi-exposed king and sacrificing a rook to crash through.

Badgers were unlucky with the scheduling of this match as both Cooke’s were missing from the line-up due to other commitments.  The result makes it more likely that Grangemouth with retain the league title.


Dunfermline B 4-1 Stirling B 19/03/18

Dunfermline B vs Stirling B, 19/3/18

Calum Smith 1581  ½-½  Dave Hewitt (c) 1584
Andy Forbes 1541  ½-½  Richard Warcup e1500
Fred Ossowski 1553  1-0  Tony Pitson 1469
Peter Horne (c) 1370  1-0  Craig Manson 1455
Douglas Rew 1452  1-0  Brad Duthie 1428

Dunfermline B 4-1 Stirling B

Stirling had white on boards 1, 4 and 5.

Congratulations to Dunfermline B, who clinched division 2 for the
third season in a row and for the eighth season in the last ten with a
convincing 4-1 win over their nearest rivals. Dunfermline take the
title with a match to spare, being three points ahead of Stirling
after a very solid season which has seen them win eight of their nine
matches and lose just one.

There was a bit of rejigging at the start tonight as Stewart Brisbane
didn't appear for Dunfermline and after a few minutes Ian Robertson
checked his phone and found a text from Stewart saying he was in
hospital. Calum and I paused our clock and I joined Ian, Peter and
Craig outside in the corridor to work out what to do, and of course
given the circumstances it was no problem to slot in a replacement. So
Peter (who had intended being the non-playing captain) took over on
board 4 with a ten-minute deficit which didn't seem to hinder him as
he won an interesting game in due course.

Things had looked quite good for Stirling for a while (a win on the
night would have seen them travel to Badgers in April needing a draw
for the title), with Brad in particular having launched a huge early
attack which flushed out Doug's K and made for a very strange and
exciting-looking position. Brad was probably winning but then had a
calamity: he played a Q check where the Q was under threat from a
pinned N, and once Doug moved his K out of the pin Brad forgot that
his Q wasn't now immune and left it there, allowing Doug to lop it off
with the N for free. Craig went a piece down versus Peter soon after
that, with Peter's pieces swarming all around his K, so that was
another win for Dunfermline. I'd already declined a draw offer from
Calum but with our position fairly blocked and the match effectively
gone (neither of the other two boards looked like turning into wins
for Stirling), I offered a draw back which Calum accepted. The other
games went on for quite a while but Tony eventually lost a pawn-down
ending against Fred, after which Richard and Andy shook hands on a
draw with Andy having a promising-looking K-side attack with heavy
pieces and an advanced pawn.

Well played Dunfermline - an excellent performance throughout the
season from a good group of players well captained by Peter. Here's to
next season's campaign - and here's hoping that Stewart is out of
hospital and playing again soon.

(I believe it was not too serious and that Stewart is now out of hospital)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dunfermline A 3- 2 Stirling A 12/02/18

Dunfermline A 3- 2 Stirling A

Ian Robertson 1919 1-0 Neil Irving 1879
Stuart Black 1675 0-1 Jim Shemilt 1767
Jamie O'Connor 1661 1-0 Steve Smith 1704
Mike Roy 1660 1-0 Bill Cook 1663
Gordon Greig U/G 0-1 Graham Anderson 1622

As a last minute replacement Gordon gave it a good go for the A-team on board 5 but as it was his first competitive game in 13 years it was no surprise when he lost.  He brought us luck however as the A-team got its first win of the season.  There were particularly complex games with Jamie giving up the exchange for loads of initiative.  Steve panicked in time pressure as Jamie’s forces gathered and he blundered back the exchange then next move dropped a piece.  Michael’s position was really hard to work out but his opponent had back rank mate issues which allowed Michael to set all sorts of problems  which firstly won an exchange and shortly after turned into a whole rook.  Once Michael played a final consolidating move it was over.  Boards 1 and 2 finished quickly with Neil getting his King caught in the centre after he tried to rescue his leaky queenside position.  Stuart unwisely allowed Jim’s bishop to pin knight against queen against king. Something had to fall so brought about a 1-1 score for boards 1 and 2 in under an hour.

Dunfermline B 4½-½ Grangemouth B 12/02/18

Dunfermline B 4½-½ Grangemouth B

Calum Smith 1581 ½ v ½ Ian Mason 1601
Stewart Brisbane 1465  1 v 0 Bill Gray 1499 
Douglas Rew 1452 1 v 0 Crawford Welsh 1335
Peter Horne 1370 1 v 0 David Fowler 1095
Gonzalo Forero U/G 1 v Scott Dickson 1014

The B-team result is hard to believe.  At one point I would have said that Calum was the only one likely to come away with a win.  Clearly I have no idea about the game.  Peter as usual came back from a rubbish position.  Gonzalo’s opponent resigned when Gonzalo put a rook to the back rank with mate unless his opponent took it with his knight but Scott (and of course Gonzalo) thought he could not move his knight as that would allow mate on the long diagonal so resigned.  The thing is that had he played knight takes rook the knight would then have guarded the g2 mating square!  Stewart won on time having just regained the initiative after being a bit worse.  Doug ground out a 70 move ending.  Calum pushed a fraction too early in the centre allowing Ian to get in with a perpetual

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Stirling 3.5 V Dunfermline 1.5 - 09/10/17

Jim Shemilt 1/2 Ian Robertson
Steve Smith 1-0 Stuart Black
Bill Cook 1/2 Jamie O'Connor
Graham Anderson 1-0 Michael Roy
Dave Hewitt 1/2 Calum Smith

A welcome win for Stirling after our defeat at Badgers Brook.  There
were interesting games with the match not being decided until right at
the end of the playing session as Dunfermline's boards 1 and 5 tried to
get the wins they needed to half the match.  Both games were eventually
agreed drawn with the four players involved all down to around a minute
on the clock. (report by Stirling captain Steve Smith)

The boards 1 and 5 were particularly interesting in that Dunfermline did achieve the desired winning positions only to blunder away both in time scrambles which allowed Stirling to offer generous draws.  On board 1 Dunfermline was better throughout and at times much better (+3) only to make one incorrect 50/50 decision towards the end which allowed a brilliant response turning the tables entirely.  On board 5 patient play started to reap rewards when Calum’s queen got behind Dave’s defences but then Calum left a piece hanging as time drifted.   

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Minnows 12½-3½ Sharks - 02/10/2017

After last season’s close encounter between these teams this time was surprisingly one sided with no losses at all for Minnows.  This was perhaps due to the healthy first round lead after which Sharks had to take more risks.

Minnows 12½-3½ Sharks

Ian Robertson 1-0 Mike Roy
Calum Smith 1-0 Stuart Black
Jamie O’Connor ½-½ Stewart Brisbane
Andy Forbes 1-0 Peter Horne

Robertson 1-0 Black
Smith 1-0 Brisbane
O’Connor 1-0 Horne
Forbes ½-½ Roy
3½-½  (7-1)

Robertson ½-½ Brisbane
Smith 1-0 Horne
O’Connor ½-½ Roy
Forbes ½-½ Black
2½-1½  (9½-2½)

Robertson 1-0 Horne
Smith ½-½ Roy
O’Connor 1-0 Black
Forbes ½-½ Brisbane
3-1  (12½-3½)

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dunfermline A 1½ - 3½ Grangemouth A - 25/09/17

Dunfermline A 1½ - 3½ Grangemouth A

  1. I Robertson  ½-½ U Archibong
  2. J Webster 0-1 G Hamilton
  3. S Black 0-1 D Wallace
  4. J O’Connor ½-½ J Smith
  5. M Roy  ½-½ S Binnie

Grangemouth may have been understrength but were still too good for Dunfermline’s top 5.  Interestingly, individually each of the games could easily have had a different result.  Boards 1 and 5 were similar in that Grangemouth were pressing strongly in the middlegame only for the Dunfermline players to escape to endings which were then held.  Board 2 was a loss on time in an equal position. Board 3 seemed to be saveable before the home player fell to late pressure whilst on board 4 I’m sure both players would have been surprised when Dunfermline’s death or glory attack with numerous sacrifices reached an opposite coloured bishop ending.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

5 min KO Competition 15/05/17

The chess club caught up a bit with its KO competition when it held the 2016(!) tournament last evening.

Although open to the entire club 8 players only were available to participate on this occasion.

We started with a 7-round all play all with the top 4 going forward to double round semi-finals.

The all play all finished with the following scores: John McBride 6.5, Ian Robertson 6, Calum Smith 5, Peter Horne, 4, Fred Ossowski 3.5, Stewart Brisbane 2, Dean Osborne 1, Robin Murray 0.

In the first semi-final to finish Ian beat Calum 2-0.  The second semi-final was tighter with John recovering after losing the first game to Peter by winning the 2nd game and winning a decider.

Ian beat John 2-0 in a tight final where the first game should have been a draw and the 2nd game ending when John’s flag fell with Ian having less than a second left.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Stirling Wallace 7 Dunfermline Sharks 9 - 27/03/17

The wooden spoon contest went narrowly in favour of the visitors. 
Wallace took an early lead, but round 3 turned the match when Wallace
failed to use the advantage with white and Sharks consolidated in round

Round 1
Tom Wallace 1/2 Michael Roy
Jim Shemilt 1/2 Stuart Black
Craig Manson 1/2 Stewart Brisbane
Steve Smith 1-0 Peter Horne

Round 2
S Smith 1/2 M Roy
T Wallace 0-1 S Black
J Shemilt 1-0 S Brisbane
C Manson 1/2 P Horne

Round 3
C Manson 0-1 M Roy
S Smith 0-1 S Black
T Wallace 0-1 S Brisbane
J Shemilt 1-0 P Horne

Round 4
J Shemilt 0-1 M Roy
C Manson 0-1 S Black
S Smith 1-0 S Brisbane
T Wallace 1/2 P Horne

Good for Sharks particularly as they did not realise they were due to play this match on Monday but fortunately Steve mentioned it to Peter at SNCL and everybody was contacted in time.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Badgers Brook 4-1 Dunfermline - 20/03/17

Dunfermline had 3 whites and lost the lot.  However a strong and determined Badgers outfit fully deserved their victory particularly as 2 of the wins (boards 1 and 4) came after the Badgers players declined taking a draw in level positions but where shortage of time for the Dunfermline players proved crucial.     

Result is as follows. Dunfermline had white on boards 1, 2 & 4.
Badgers Brook

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Grangemouth B v Dunfermline B - 15/03/17

Ian Mason 0 - 1 Jamie O'Connor
Bill Gray 0 - 1 Calum Smith
Crawford Welsh 1 - 0 Stewart Brisbane
David Fowler 1/2 - 1/2 Glynis Grant
Scott Dickson 0 - 1 Matt Harris

Grangemouth B 1.5 - Dunfermline B 3.5

Grangemouth had white on boards 3 and 5

The home team were discombobulated by being locked out of the chess equipment cupboard for the first time in 24 years. Bill Gray's role as Acting Janitor unfortunately didn't extend to keeper of the keys so there was an anxious time before a Council employee could be found. Meanwhile the visiting team had a mix-up in transport arrangements which saw Ian Robertson kindly take our Board 1 to the venue.

Once we got underway, there was vigorous play by Ian Mason who deployed a 1...e5 2...f5 line against Jamie's English Opening. Jamie held on and a blunder by Ian eventually decided the game.

On board 2, Calum v Bill, it would be quicker to show the moves than describe the game:
1.b4 e5
2.Bb2 Bxb4
3.Bxe5 Nc6
4.Bxg7 d5
5.Bxh8 Nf6
6.e3 Bf5
7.Qf3 resigns

I've resigned a game in six moves before. What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts.

Stewart sacrificed a rook to stave off defeat but an unstoppable mate threat by Crawford decided things anyway. A good win by Crawford.

Glynis played a Vienna Gambit against David, and at one point could chase Black's bishop with pawns, disconnect it from the queen and win it, but unfortunately Glynis didn't see this. Glynis offered a draw which was declined; later on David reciprocated the offer and a draw was agreed.

Having gone the exchange up in a sequence of swaps against Scott's London System-type set up, Matt faced a mobile queenside pawn majority. By way of counterplay he advanced his kingside pawns. The threats of check from pawns on the kingside, backed up by Matt's rooks and queen then scored the point for Dunfermline.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dunfermline 2½-4½ Grangemouth 6/3/17

A gallant effort by a heavily out-graded Dunfermline who were down on nearly every board by between 100 and 250 grading points.  Congratulations to Grangemough who made their extra strength count by playing pretty solidly throughout.

On board 1 an utter blunder in a level position gave Uby a fortunate win after I had been better for much of the game.  Sadly he is quite good at setting sneaky little problems but in this case I just assumed I would take a pawn (and I was already the exchange ahead) but only after he moved did I realise my queen was on the wrong diagonal!   

On board 2 John looked at least level for much of the time against an isolated queen pawn structure but a few aimless moves invited Alan to attack and then John’s pawns started to fall.  

Board 3 was first finished with Michael quite adventurous but once the ambitious attack was refuted his game collapsed.  

Stuart played very well to hold a minor piece ending a pawn down.  Having the 2 bishops gave him just enough control over the dark squares to prevent Doug making meaningful progress.  

Jamie looked a little cramped but with a sound position.  However Dave had the initiative and was able to swop down to the better ending after which the odd pawn or 2 became indefensible.  

Calum had a lucky escape.  Ian saw a ghost and failed to simply take Calum’s kingside apart.  After that good fortune Calum reacted strongly by coordinating his pieces very well and won with a convincing counterattack.  

Stewart was given a bit of a gift after Bill played some iffy and unnecessary defensive moves. One silly move gave away a pawn and when his next move lost 2 more it was time to resign.

  1. Ian Robertson (w) 0-1 Uby Archibong
  2. John McBride (w) 0-1 Alan Bell
  3. Michael Roy (B) 0-1 Graeme Hamilton
  4. Stuart Black (w) ½ - ½ Dougie Will
  5. Jamie O’Connor (B) 0-1 David Wallace
  6. Calum Smith (B) 1-0 Ian Mason
  7. Stewart Brisbane (B) 1-0 Bill Gray

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dunfermline Sharks 7-9 Stirling Bruce, 27/2/17

An excellent contest between two well-matched teams. For all that the
crucial round looks like it was r2, which Bruce won 3½-½, matters
really hinged on r3, where for a while it looked like Sharks were on
course to win all four games and snatch a dramatic lead. But as so
often in these allegro matches there were unexpected twists, with Tony
mating Peter with four seconds left on his clock, and Robert and I
both managing to draw. So the round was halved, the match stood at
7½-4½ and a couple of draws in the last round saw the Stirling team
home for their seventh straight win in this fixture - the last time
Sharks won was by the same 9-7 score in November 2009.

Dunfermline Sharks vs Stirling Bruce, 27/2/17

Michael Roy 1624  0-1  Bill Cook 1567
Stuart Black 1596  1-0  Tony Pitson 1524
Stewart Brisbane 1484  0-1  Dave Hewitt (c) 1516
Peter Horne (c) 1449  1-0  Robert Leckie 1250

Roy 0-1 Pitson
Black ½-½ Hewitt
Brisbane 0-1 Leckie
Horne 0-1 Cook
½-3½ / 2½-5½

Roy ½-½ Hewitt
Black ½-½ Leckie
Brisbane 1-0 Cook
Horne 0-1 Pitson
2-2 / 4½-7½

Roy 1-0 Leckie
Black ½-½ Cook
Brisbane ½-½ Pitson
Horne ½-½ Hewitt
2½-1½ / 7-9

Sharks won the toss and had white in rounds 1 and 3.

Individual scores:
Sharks: Black 2½, Brisbane, Horne and Roy all 1½
Bruce: Cook, Hewitt and Pitson all 2½, Leckie 1½

This was the last Bruce fixture of what has been a fairly experimental
campaign, with two of the regulars (Paul and John) being out for the
season and another (Graham) unavailable since the turn of the year.
Two matches have been lost heavily, and two won, which feels like a
reasonable return in what was never likely to be a title-challenging
season. Sharks still have matches against Grangemouth Tigers and
Stirling Wallace to come.

Thanks to the Dunfermline club for hosting what was another
good-natured and competitive evening of chess.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dunfermline A 3-2 Cumbernauld A 20/02/17

  1. Ian Robertson ½ - ½ Steven Kelly
  2. Michael Roy 0-1 Mark Monaghan
  3. Jamie O’Connor ½ - ½ George Thomson
  4. Calum Smith 1-0 Steven Monaghan
  5. Stewart Brisbane 1-0 Steven Gentleman

An actual streak for Dunfermline as we win successive league games for the first time in two years.  Both teams were without a host of first team nominees which resulted in quite a level match. On top board Steven was better for a long time though in the latter stages could have lost.  This was the last game to finish and the draw gave Dunfermline the match.  On board 2 Mark’s Kings Indian Attack was really well played with Michael seemingly having little chance of any counterplay.  Jamie v George was a difficult game to predict with pawn structure issues for Jamie to resolve but with active pieces. Both players seemed happy with the outcome.  Calum had extra space and won convincingly at the end though Steven was quite solid for a long time.  Board 5 finished early. Stewart offered an exchange sacrifice which a more experienced opponent would probably have declined as it left Steven’s kingside too exposed and led to an unstoppable mate.      

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cumbernauld B vs Dunfermline B, 20 Jan 17

Calum SMITH (c)  ½-½  Derek MCATEER  (c)
Stewart BRISBANE  1-0  Steven 
Glynis GRANT  1-0 George FORD
Iain BEDFORD  1-0  Luke JOYCE

Cumbernauld B ½ - Dunfermline B  4 ½

Cumbernauld had white on the first and last two boards.
At 19 moves it was relatively short on paper, but a lot of thinking time was expended at the top board: I struggled to find a plan after around move three and was pleased to get a more or less equal position at last. The night’s results had gone Dunfermline’s way by then and a draw was agreed.
Fred went a bishop up in his game against Ulugbak and it proved to be too much for the second player's game. On board 3 Steven defended a Ruy Lopez but needed to castle before essaying the kingside pawns. Stewart was able to get ahead in piece development and quickly set about Black’s uncastled king.
Glynis was on fine attacking form playing the Sicilian Defence against George. On board 5 both sides were keen to attack but Iain managed to pin Luke’s queen on the same file as his king and shortly afterwards took the game.