Sunday, 29 January 2017

Grangemouth A v Dunfermline A. 4 - 1, 25/01/17

An expected result even without Grangemouth playing their top 2 rated players.  Board 1 game was complex with both players losing the thread several times (I was better for most of the game) but I rather let too much time go resulting in the most decisive bad move.  On 2 Michael was just too static in his counterplay and his opponent crashed through.  Jamie was better throughout but time was again a factor making it problematic to convert his extra pawn.  Calum seemed fine after gambiting a pawn then was worse then fine again before eventually blundering.  Stewart probably should have lost but kept setting enough problems to save after being 2 pawns downs for much of the game

Grangemouth A v Dunfermline A. 4 - 1

1 Graham Hamilton v Ian Robertson   Home win
2 Dougie Will v Mike Roy                     Home win
3 Ian Mason v Jamie O'Connor.          Draw
4 Scott Binnie v Calum Smith.             Home win
5 Bill Gray v Stewart Brisbane             Draw

The home team had White on boards 2 & 4.

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