Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Badgers Brook B vs Dunfermline B, 30/1/17

Graham Kerr (c) 0-1  Jamie O'Connor
David McGilvary 1-0  Calum Smith (c)
Mark Brown  1-0  Fred Ossowski
Dylan Gillies  0-1 Stewart Brisbane
Derek Raffan  ½-½  Peter Horne

Badgers Brook B  2½-2½ Dunfermline B
Badgers Brook had white on boards 3 and 5.

Jamie won material quite early at the top board and eventually overcame the problems Graham was nonetheless setting him. On board 2, although I felt I came out of the opening strongly and had a very promising middlegame with the advantages of space, a passed pawn and bishops v knights I didn't convert it and David found a way through to a winning endgame.

In time trouble Fred reversed his material advantage by losing his queen and Mark shortly afterwards took the game.

On board 4 Stewart prevailed against Dylan's Ruy Lopez, and on board 5 Derek and Peter drew. Derek probably had better chances, but less time.


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