Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dunfermline V Cumbernauld KO - 18/02/15

All the plaudits go to Cumbernauld but alas not the victory.  A board down before starting and heavily out-graded on the others this match went to the wire.  Although most of the games had some interest I can but give the really scary opening moves of board 6 which ended in perpetual check.

White: Bryan O’Rourke  Black: David Flanerty  1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. ed Nd5 6. Qh5 g6 7.Qf3 Qg5 8. Bd5 Nd4 9.Qf7+ Kd8 10. Be4 Be6 11. h4 Nc2+ 12. Bc2 Qg2 and a draw by perpetual a few moves later after black took the rook.  Entertaining stuff.

Dunfermline 4 - 3 Cumbernauld

  1. Ian Robertson  1-0 Mark Monaghan
  2. John McBride  1/2 Ralph Stirrat
  3. Gavin Saxton  1/2 George Thomson
  4. Fred Ossowski 1/2 Derek MacAteer
  5. Andy Forbes   0-1 Steven Monaghan
  6. Bryan O’Rourke 1/2 David Flanerty
  7. Win by Default 1-0 Loss by default     

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Stirling Bruce vs Dunfermline Minnows 9/2/15

Stirling Bruce beat Dunfermline Minnows tonight by 9½-6½, a margin
that fails to convey what a tight match it was. The first three cycles
all ended 2-2, and an 8-8 result looked distinctly possible before
Bruce unexpectedly galloped away on the final lap, with wins for John
and Paul securing at least a drawn match before Graham beat Ian to
clinch it. This was a very rare defeat for Ian against any Stirling
team (in fact I can't recall offhand when this last happened).
It was a fine match between two strong allegro teams. The result
throws the league wide open, with several teams now being in
contention. Minnows have played four and won three, Bruce have played
three and won two, and Badgers have drawn the one match they've played thus far
(against Tigers). (I believe their match against Sharks, scheduled for tonight, was postponed).
Even Grangemouth Tigers and Stirling Wallace are just about in the
mix, and could certainly influence the overall result - it's all very
tight and unclear (and exciting).
Stirling Bruce vs Dunfermline Minnows, 9/2/15
Paul Prescott 1775  0-1  Ian Robertson 2187
John Blake 1691  0-1  Kelechi Ohiaeri 1874
Bill Cook 1666  1-0  George Webb 1535
Graham Anderson 1610  1-0  Andy Forbes 1581
Prescott 1-0 Forbes
Blake 0-1 Robertson
Cook 0-1 Ohiaeri
Anderson 1-0 Webb
2-2 / 4-4
Prescott 1-0 Webb
Blake 1-0 Forbes
Cook 0-1 Robertson
Anderson 0-1 Ohiaeri
2-2 / 6-6
Prescott 1-0 Ohiaeri
Blake 1-0 Webb
Cook ½-½ Forbes
Anderson 1-0 Robertson
3½-½ / 9½-6½
Individual scores
Bruce: PP 3, GA 3, JB 2, BC 1½
Minnows: IR 3, KO 3, AF ½, GW 0
Bruce (for whom Dave Hewitt was non-playing captain and reserve) won

the toss and had white in rounds 1 and 3.