Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cumbernauld B vs Dunfermline B, 20 Jan 17

Calum SMITH (c)  ½-½  Derek MCATEER  (c)
Stewart BRISBANE  1-0  Steven 
Glynis GRANT  1-0 George FORD
Iain BEDFORD  1-0  Luke JOYCE

Cumbernauld B ½ - Dunfermline B  4 ½

Cumbernauld had white on the first and last two boards.
At 19 moves it was relatively short on paper, but a lot of thinking time was expended at the top board: I struggled to find a plan after around move three and was pleased to get a more or less equal position at last. The night’s results had gone Dunfermline’s way by then and a draw was agreed.
Fred went a bishop up in his game against Ulugbak and it proved to be too much for the second player's game. On board 3 Steven defended a Ruy Lopez but needed to castle before essaying the kingside pawns. Stewart was able to get ahead in piece development and quickly set about Black’s uncastled king.
Glynis was on fine attacking form playing the Sicilian Defence against George. On board 5 both sides were keen to attack but Iain managed to pin Luke’s queen on the same file as his king and shortly afterwards took the game.

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