Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dunfermline A 3-2 Cumbernauld A 20/02/17

  1. Ian Robertson ½ - ½ Steven Kelly
  2. Michael Roy 0-1 Mark Monaghan
  3. Jamie O’Connor ½ - ½ George Thomson
  4. Calum Smith 1-0 Steven Monaghan
  5. Stewart Brisbane 1-0 Steven Gentleman

An actual streak for Dunfermline as we win successive league games for the first time in two years.  Both teams were without a host of first team nominees which resulted in quite a level match. On top board Steven was better for a long time though in the latter stages could have lost.  This was the last game to finish and the draw gave Dunfermline the match.  On board 2 Mark’s Kings Indian Attack was really well played with Michael seemingly having little chance of any counterplay.  Jamie v George was a difficult game to predict with pawn structure issues for Jamie to resolve but with active pieces. Both players seemed happy with the outcome.  Calum had extra space and won convincingly at the end though Steven was quite solid for a long time.  Board 5 finished early. Stewart offered an exchange sacrifice which a more experienced opponent would probably have declined as it left Steven’s kingside too exposed and led to an unstoppable mate.      

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