Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cumbernauld V Dnfermline, Central League Cup and league match double header

Interesting match that combined a league match on boards 1-5 and a cup knock-out on boards 1-7. Two for the price of one. Both team were not at full strength, but the Cumbernauld side suffered most with their two best players AWOL.

 I know the captain was at times worried, but I told him not to worry. I felt I was much better, even though as happened, I often end up playing a rook down for a while against David. Ian and Michael on boards 1 and 3 were also winning and I was sure we would scrape the points needed on boards 4-7 to complete the victory. 

Short match report from the captains log.

A convincing win for Dunfermline at the end but both Stewart and Fred should have lost and with these the first games to finish that would have put Dunfermline under considerable pressure. Michael and Ian used their extra space well. John had control most of the way though it looked double edged when he left himself short of time towards the first time control. George was always just level. Bryan left himself with some weaknesses early on but snatched a couple of pawns and got a lovely mate with bishop and rook (and with just a touch of help from his opponent).

League and Cup double header
Cup: Cumbernauld 1.5-5.5 Dunfermline
League: Cumbernauld 1-4 Dunfermline
1. B Ralph Stirrat (1717) 0 – 1 Ian Robertson (2092)
2. B David Johnstone (1664) 0 – 1 John McBride (1752)
3. B David Bonella (1588) 0 – 1 Michael Roy (1730)
4. W Ronnie Wallace (1474) Draw Fred Ossowski (1618)
5. W George Thomson (1473) Draw Stewart Brisbane (1565)
6. W Derek McAteer (1261) Draw George Webb (1442)
7. B David Flaherty (1129) 0 – 1 Bryan O'Rourke (1341)

Therefore, we win the league match 4-1 and the cup match 5.5-1.5.