Thursday, 24 May 2012

Central League titles

The Central League trophy winners for 2011/12 are:

Division One - Grangemouth
Division Two - Dunfermline B
7-Board KO - Grangemouth
U1500 KO - Stirling
Allegro - Dunfermline Minnows

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dunfermline B are the Div 2 champs

Last night Dunfermline B became Division 2 Champions without moving a piece. After Stirling C had twice cancelled the final match to be played at very short notice and with the League AGM only a fortnight away they were happy to concede. A disappointing way to end the season but it would have been unfair to further delay until Stirling C were back at full strength particularly if Dunfermline did not then have their full team available.

(Given how Dunfermline are so accident prone at the moment, it is a shame that the title deciding final fixture was not played. Who knows what might have happened!)

Central league Cup KO, Dunfermline V Grangemouth gggrrrr

Bang bang!!!

That is the sound of Dunfermline shooting themselves with both barrels after failing to win from what looked (sorry was!) a dominating position. A quick win on board 1 and well controlled play on board 2 cancelled out the poor play on board 6 and slackness on board 7. However with board 5 always going to be drawn and Dunfermline winning on the others it looked good for the home side. Alas shortage of time meant Michael offering a draw while a piece up but with Fred a rook ahead and with a crushing position it should not have mattered. Alas Fred had a bit of hallucination believing he was only an exchange ahead and so set about a spectacular self destruct sequence.

I Robertson 1-0 D Will
J McBride 1-0 I Mason
M Roy Draw M Monaghan
F Toropoc Draw J Smith
F Ossowski 0-1 G Allison
WS Brisbane 0-1 W Gray
G Webb 0-1 H Hanlon

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Grangemouth V Dunfermline, oops.

There was trouble at the mill last night and It was all over by 9.00pm. I have not seen such a result in the six years that I have played for Dunfermline. Must have been because I was not playing. ;)

D Will 1-0 I Robertson
I Mason 1-0 M Roy
M Monaghan 1-0 F Toropoc
J Smith 1-0 F Ossowski
G Allison 1-0 G Webb

Grangemouth are the Central League champions again.

Let's hope Dunfermline can make more of a match of it next week in the KO final but the omens are not good. I walked into an opening trap. Michael was hasty and dropped a pawn. Florin played a combination in the wrong order and George and Fred also gave away material needlessly. We surely cannot play so poorly again (the well recognised infamous last words).