Thursday, 12 March 2015

Grangemouth A 1.5 - 3.5 Dunfermline 11/03/2015

  1. D Will 0-1 I Robertson
  2. U Archibong 1-0 G Saxton
  3. I Mason 1/2 F Ossowski
  4. C Welsh 0-1 J Webster
  5. D Fowler 0-1 G Grant

Grangemouth have found a strong player from Nigeria and Mr Archibong was originally on the team sheet to play top board but as he had not appeared by start of play and Gavin had his own car team lists were switched as Gavin was happy to leave early.  However he appeared 15 minutes late and both players then produced a really exciting game with plenty of sacs before Gavin succumbed to a fierce counter attack.  Jim had an easy win after breaking through Crawford’s odd pawn structure while Glynis looked to make heavy weather of her position before David allowed mate. Fred was generous at the end as he seemed to have a dominating position but with the team only needing a half point offered a draw before time got too short.  Likewise on top board Ian also only needed to draw but Dougie lost a couple more pawns to go with the one he mislaid earlier and gave up

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