Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Stirling 3.5 - 3.5 Dunfermline 23/03/2015

Stirling 3.5 - 3.5 Dunfermline

S Murdochy 0-1 I Robertson
J Shemilt 1/2 F Ossowski
S Smith 1/2 J Webster
G Anderson 0-1 S Black
R Hayles 1/2 S Brisbane
J Blake 1-0 B O'Rourke
B Cook 1-0 P Horne

Dunfermline win on board count so face Badgers Brook in the final for the 3rd successive year.  Ian was in control most of the game but missed a win of the exchange - pointed out after by Jim.  However 2 pawns were won anyway which was enough to force resignation.  Boards 6 & 7 were lost after poor play by Bryan and Peter when they both surrendered better positions. Boards 2,3 & 5 were entertaining affairs where it was difficult to assess who was winning particularly on boards 2 and 5 as first one player then his opponent seemed to be better.  The major surprise was that all 3 games ended as draws.  The crucial game was board 4 where Stuart had rook & 4 pawns against bishop, knight and 4 pawns.  At first it looked good for Stirling but a small slip let Stuart push for a win which he achieved in a really tense finish with both players having less than I minute left on the clock.  

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