Friday, 27 March 2015

Minnows 14 - 2 Badgers 25/03/15

Both sides were weakened with Minnows George Webb being replaced by young Ben Volland and also using the rusty Andy Forbes again.  However Badgers also suffered by only having one A-team regular available this time.  Although there were the usual close encounters and plenty of frantic finishes it was Minnows who pulled out the victories.  The score was 9-0 before Badgers got their first win.  The final score might have gone even more in Minnows favour had Kenny not ground out a very equal ending against Ben in the final game to finish.

Minnows 14 - 2 Badgers

Round 1
Ian Robertson 1-0 Kenny McGeoch
Jim Webster 1-0 Dave McGillivray
Andy Forbes 1-0 Robert McCord
Ben Volland 1-0 Gordon Walker
Round 2
Ian Robertson 1-0 Gordon Walker
Jim Webster 1-0 Kenny McGeoch
Andy Forbes 1-0 Dave McGillivray
Ben Volland 1-0 Robert McCord
Round 3     

Ian Robertson 1-0 Robert McCord
Jim Webster 1-0 Gordon Walker
Andy Forbes 0-1 Kenny McGeoch
Ben Volland 1-0 Dave McGillivray
Round 4
Ian Robertson 1-0 Dave McGillivray
Jim Webster 1-0 Robert McCord
Andy Forbes 1-0 Gordon Walker
Ben Volland 0-1 Kenny McGeoch

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