Thursday, 30 October 2014

Minnows v Wallace 29/10/14

Some of the ‘highlights’ of rounds 1-3 were Ian accepting a draw offer when he could have taken a free queen.  Jim W allowing Robin a mate in one instead of simply taking back a rook with the better position and David failing to win a knight and protected pawn v lone king ending! 

Anyway all this generosity led to an exciting 6-6 situation and with Wallace top 3 players playing Minnows bottom 3 the prospects were looking good for the away side.  Alas Minnows played their best round of the season with almost no hiccups, the one exception being Andy forgetting to push his clock, but once he did then Robin resigned his hopeless position.  A tough fight.

Minnows 9.5 v 6.5 Wallace

Round 1
Ian Robertson 1/2-1/2 Jim Shemilt
Jim Webster 1-0 Tony Pitson
George Webb 0-1 Robin Hayles
Andy Forbes 1-0 David Brodie

Round 2
Ian Robertson 1-0 Tony Pitson
Jim Webster 0-1 Robin Hayles
George Webb 1/2-1/2 David Brodie
Andy Forbes 0-1 Jim Shemilt

Round 3
Ian Robertson 1-0 Robin Hayles
Jim Webster 0-1 David Brodie
George Webb 1/2-1/2 Jim Shemilt
Andy Forbes 1/2-1/2 Tony Pitson

Round 4
Ian Robertson 1-0 David Brodie
Jim Webster 1-0 Jim Shemilt
George Webb 1/2-1/2 Tony Pitson
Andy Forbes 1-0 Robin Hayles

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