Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Minnows 12 - 4 Sharks 27/10/14

The match finished as Minnows 12 - 4 Sharks

Sharks should have won in round one but Fred blew it against Ian.  Sharks had a shocker in round 2 when they were clearly winning on boards 3 & 4 but mucked up both.  In round 3 it was again generosity from Fred gifting his queen to George and again letting Minnows off the hook.  George also got lucky in round 4 but by this time the match was over.   Minnows will need to find some form before tomorrows match against Wallace.  On another day Sharks would have won this match comfortably.

Round 1
Ian Robertson 1-0 Fred Ossowski
Jim Webster 1/2-1/2 Michael Roy
George Webb 0-1 Stuart Black
Ben Volland 1-0 Peter Horne

Round 2
Ian Robertson 1-0 Peter Horne
Jim Webster 1-0 Fred Ossowski
George Webb 1-0 Michael Roy
Ben Volland 1-0 Stuart Black

Round 3
Ian Robertson 1-0 Stuart Black
Jim Webster 1/2-1/2 Peter Horne
George Webb 1-0 Fred Ossowski
Ben Volland 0-1 Michael Roy

Round 4
Ian Robertson 1-0 Michael Roy
Jim Webster 1-0 Stuart Black
George Webb 1/2-1/2 Peter Horne

Ben Volland 1/2-1/2 Fred Ossowski 

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