Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dunfermline A 3 -2 Badgers Brook 22/10/14

Badgers were unlucky to lose their top board to other commitments just the day before the match.  As a result Dunfermline were given a strong opportunity to defeat the current champions.

The win for Dunfermline rarely looked in doubt after Glynis set the ball rolling with a fine win but they gave themselves some late scares after boards 1 and 4 failed to convert strong positions and board 2 allowed a crazy situation to develop whereby Gavin had to allow his opponent a discovered check. Fortunately everything miraculously held together and he emerge with an easily won ending.

  1.  Ian Robertson 1/2-1/2 Kenny McGeoch
  2. Gavin Saxton 1-0 Martin Clancy
  3. Fred Ossowski 0-1 Graham Kerr
  4. Jim Webster 1/2-1/2 Kenny Aiston
  5. Glynis Grant 1-0 Robert Liddle

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