Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Stirling A v Dunfermline A 10/11/14

The match ended as a draw but Dunfermline probably should have got both points if they had been a bit braver towards the end.  Gavin lost in a tactical melee before Stuart won a controlled positional game to level the match.  Dunfermline were better on the other boards and when boards 3 and 4 gained material Ian offered a draw in a fairly balanced ending though perhaps he still had a slightly better position.  Alas neither Jim nor Fred could convert their superior positions opting instead not to throw away the match by blundering late in the games and accepting draws for a tied match.

Stirling A 2.5 - 2.5 Dunfermline A 

  1. Shivan Murdochy 1/2-1/2 Ian Robertson
  2. Jim Shemilt 1-0 Gavin Saxton
  3. Steve Smith 1/2-1/2 Fred Ossowski
  4. Graham Anderson 1/2-1/2 Jim Webster
  5. Bill Cook 0-1 Stuart Black

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