Wednesday, 6 April 2011

KO Cup


Dunfermline went down to 3-4 to Grangemouth despite our novelty game plan of gaining clock time by not leaving them any parking spaces!!
Alas when they arrived the Grangemouth team demonstrated that a few minutes made little difference.

1 I Robertson 0-1 A Bell
2 J McBride draw I Mason
3 G Saxton 0-1 D Will
4 M Roy 1-0 G Allison
5 F Ossowski 0-1 M Monaghan
6 J Webster draw J Smith
7 S Brisbane 1-0 W Gray

We should also blame our board two Gary for moving to Jersey, but on the bright side we don't have to play the semi next Wednesday. Grangemouth instead now move on to play Stirling in the semi finals next Wednesday.

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