Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dunfermline's last match for 2010-2011

If we went by grade this would have been a massacre but it rarely turns out that way.
Ian is not going to be happy again as we both miss assessed a crucial point near the end when I won the exchange but fritz says Ian should have let me take the whole rook when he could have had a plus 6 advantage!
As for the match - once Michael won the draws in the other games followed quickly - good all round  teamwork by Dunfermline!!!

Dunfermline 3-2 Cumbernauld
1. W [2137] Ian Robertson 0.5-0.5 Ian Marks [1887]
2. W [1705] Michael Roy 1.0-0.0 David Johnstone [1611]
3. B [1703] Frank Ossowski 0.5-0.5 George Thomson [1548]
4. B [1654] Jim Webster 0.5-0.5 Ronnie Wallace [1431]
5. B [1571] Calum Smith 0.5-0.5 John Pearston [1197]

For Cumbernauld they lost the game that had the smallest grading difference! A good performance from Cumbernauld. 

This result confirms Dunfermline 2nd place in division one. 

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