Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Stirling Bruce 2½ - 13½ Dunfermline Minnows 24/10/16

Congratulations to Dunfermline Minnows, who inflicted an absolute
gubbing on Stirling Bruce tonight. The Bruce team is lacking two of
its regulars this season and is under reconstruction as it were, but
even so a scoreline of this sort wasn't anticipated. It's the first
time in five seasons that Minnows have won this fixture, and almost
certainly the heaviest-ever defeat suffered by Bruce. Funnily enough,
amid it all, one of the two Bruce wins was by Graham against Ian -
courtesy of a fine swindle in a lost position, but a win against their
main man all the same.

Calum racked up a fine 4/4 score for Minnows, while young Carl played
the first two rounds for Bruce (and didn't disgrace himself by any
means) before going off at half time. It almost goes without saying
that Minnows were much the better team on the night. There have been
bigger wins in the league, but not many.

Stirling Bruce vs Dunfermline Minnows, 24/10/16

Graham Anderson 1689  0-1  Jim Webster 1756
Bill Cook 1567  0-1  Calum Smith 1584
Robert Leckie 1250  1-0  George Webb 1466
Carl Zihan Kang 803  0-1  Ian Robertson (c) 2179

Anderson  1-0  Robertson
Cook  0-1  Webster
Leckie  0-1  Smith
Kang  0-1  Webb
1-3 / 2-6

Anderson  0-1  Webb
Cook  0-1  Robertson
Leckie  0-1  Webster
Dave Hewitt (c) 1516 0-1  Smith
0-4 / 2-10

Anderson  0-1  Smith
Cook  0-1  Webb
Leckie  0-1  Robertson
Hewitt  ½-½  Webster
½-3½ / 2½-13½

Minnows had white in rounds 1 and 3

Individual scores -
Bruce: Anderson 1/4, Leckie 1/4, Hewitt ½/2, Cook 0/4, Kang 0/2
Minnows: Smith 4/4, Webster 3½/4, Robertson 3/4, Webb 3/4

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