Friday, 21 October 2016

Dunfermline A 1½-3½ Grangemouth A 10/10/16

1.       Ian Robertson 0-1 Uby Archibong
2.       Michael Roy ½ - ½ Alan Bell
3.       Stuart Black 0-1 Graeme Hamilton
4.       Jamie O’C0nnor 0-1 Dougie Will
5.       Fred Ossowski 1-0 John Smith

I was clearly better out the opening but went for too much too soon and Uby gradually took over the initiative. There was still never much in it but shortage of time proved a killer.  Michael and Alan was a bit of a see-saw with Michael comfortable but then got done tactically only for him to do the same to win Alan’s queen for a couple of pieces but offered a draw which may have been a time consideration or perhaps thinking he would not be able to break though.  Stuart looked fine for a long time but Graeme eventually got at the weakened king position.  Jamie said he felt good after the opening moves but got a bit negative after Dougie’s inevitable aggression and went down quickly.  Fred was not trying to do much but found a nice way to win queen side pawns after John dithered over where to put his pieces.      

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