Friday, 21 October 2016

Cumbernauld A 3 v 2 Dunfermline A 6/10/16

Sadly we went down when Michael lost having been winning earlier. All credit to David who sacrificed a piece for awkward counterplay which caused confusion and then he found a neat trick as Michael’s time dwindled.  Stuart held the draw after his opponent missed a neat way to win a pawn and probably the game. Once that chance went all the pawns got eliminated for the draw.  Fred said he got nothing out the opening and could not find any sensible way to continue after the forced exchange of queens so accepted the offer of a draw.  I felt under pressure throughout but apparently I was pretty much ok and perhaps a tad better at the end but having survived having to make my last 3 moves with only 4 seconds left on the clock I was relieved to just accept the draw.  I thought John was in trouble with all that pressure against the king so well done for surviving.

1 Stephen Kelly   =  Ian Robertson
2 Ralph Stirrat  =  John McBride
3 David Johnston 1-0 Michael Roy
4 Mark Monaghan  =  Stuart Black

5 George Thomson  =  Fred Ossowski 

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