Thursday, 27 November 2014

Grangemouth v Minnows-26/11/14

Wow - another close encounter which finished in favour of Minnows by 8.5-7.5

Dunfermline were missing a couple of regulars with Jim in San Francisco and Ben at Scouts.  Glynis was going to play but caught a bug going around school so Andy stepped in for another rare outing.  Until this week Kelechi had only played one evening of 5-minute chess in the past 5 years but after some practice games on Monday he offered to take part as a replacement for Jim. 

The first sign of Kelechi’s inexperience came in round 1 when he was winning but thought he only had 6 seconds left instead of the 6 minutes he actually had!  Panic set in with a disastrous outcome.

Round 2 was a second successive 2-2 after Andy let Bill off the hook while Ian M did likewise with George.

Round 3 saw Grangemouth take the lead in the match and it could have been even better but this time it was Bill that let Ian escape.

Round 4 was a complete contrast with Minnows dominating and would have been even more emphatic if Andy had played mate in one instead of going for mate in 2 whereby he lost on time!  

Grangemouth 7.5 - 8.5 Dunfermline Minnows

Round 1
Alan Bell 0-1 Ian Robertson
Ian Mason 1-0 Kelechi Ohiaeri
Bill Gray 1-0 George Webb
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Andy Forbes

Round 2
Alan Bell 1/2-1/2 Kelechi Ohiaeri
Ian Mason 1/2-1/2 George Webb
Bill Gray 1-0 Andy Forbes
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Ian Robertson

Round 3
Alan Bell 1-0 George Webb
Ian Mason 1-0 Andy Forbes
Bill Gray 1/2-1/2 Ian Robertson
Hugh Hanlon 0-1 Kelechi Ohiaeri

Round 4
Alan Bell 1-0 Andy Forbes
Ian Mason 0-1 Ian Robertson
Bill Gray 0-1 Kelechi Ohiaeri

Hugh Hanlon 0-1 George Webb

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