Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Stirling A V Dunfermline A 05/11/12

I was an utter idiot for asking people to meet at the club for pick-up on bonfire night. The place was heaving and although I had proposed an earlier pick up time than normal Michael still could not get through. By the time we sorted another rendezvous it was about 6.50 leaving Dunfermline for a 7.00pm start in Stirling! We all lost 35 minutes on the clocks so had to play the first 30 moves in 25 minutes.

Ian won on bd1 comfortably mostly following up from when Doug put a piece on a poor square in the opening of a Pirc Defence he was trying for the first time. Florin's flag fell as he made his 30th move so lost on time in a far better position. Iain with 4 moves still to make in about 10 seconds should probably have lost on time but instead Robin with 8 minutes left had a long think - and lost on time!! Michael fell to a neat combination by Graham which netted the exchange. Fred was slightly better even after his spectacular rook sac was declined but with him and Bill only having around 5 minutes of allegro time left each they agreed a draw rather than a lottery scramble.

Stirling A Dunfermline A 
Douglas Bain 0-1 Ian Robertson 
Steve Smith 1-0 Florin Toropoc 
Robin Hayles 0-1 Iain Sneddon 
Graham Anderson 1-0 Michael Roy 
William Cook Draw Fred Ossowski 

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