Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dunfermline B Stirling C 24/10/12

There was no luck for Stirling C after a brave show. The home side controlled boards 1, 3 & 5 but board 2 could have gone either way after Douglas sacked the exchange to gain the white squares. This paid off with a neat mate using a knight and the white square bishop.Robert played a combination one move too early. If he had shut George's bishop out first the board 4 result could have been reversed (based on pub analysis!).

Dunfermline B Stirling C 
Fred Ossowski 1-0 Jono Blake 
Douglas Rew 1-0 Mick Bloor 
Bryan O'Rourke 1-0 David Brodie 
George Webb 1-0 Robert Leckie 
Glynis Grant 1-0 Tom McKay 

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