Sunday, 25 November 2012

SNCL ROUNDS 3 AND 4, 25/11/2012

Today was the day when we could put some daylight between us and our main rivals. We were playing the team above and below us in our division. As with all our other best laid plans, we somehow managed to mess things up. 

First up we had a team of very good improving and under-graded juniors to play. A win on boards one and five, plus a point squeezed from the other boards would have done. We were nervous and the kids just back from the World Youth games were confident. We got the win on board 5, but only a draw on board 1. We also lost on boards 2 and 3, leaving just me and only a win would do. I had been better, until kids do what kids do and found a good tactic. The game was then a dead draw and I turned down 2 draw offers, as I had to win for us to draw the match. I would have been fine with the draw, if the team had accumulated half a point more. So I ended up gambling, it was like buying a lottery ticket hoping that I could win enough for some food. This did not pay off and he played very well. As usual pushing too hard in a drawn position results in nothing. So a 3.5-1.5 loss to start with. 

This afternoon was a simpler, as we only had to beat adults. Though to his credit my opponent despite being very out-graded, played very solidly and gave me few chances. In the end I had to soak up some pressure to get a draw. Gary on board 2 had the same issue and ended up drawing. The rest of the team with the odd small hiccup along the way, managed to win. So a 4-1 win to us and we are in clear 2nd place and we just need to stay ahead of the 3rd and 4th team 1 point behind us to get promoted to div 2. Nect time we should leave the bag of spanners at home.

BdGradeNorth Ayrshire Crusaders(1)vs(8)Dunfermline KnightsGradeComments
1 1855 MacDonald, Paul H  ½  -  ½ Robertson, Ian C  2102 Draw 
2 1715 Deary, David  1  -  0 Forbes, Garry  1837 Home Win 
3 1619 McCusker, Andrew  1  -  0 Carpenter, Paul A  1833 Home Win 
4 1649 Deary, Daniel  1  -  0 McBride, John  1858 Home Win 
5 910 McCusker, Kirsty  0  -  1 Sneddon, Iain D  1835 Away Win 

BdGradeDunfermline Knights(8)vs(3)Forth Valley BGradeComments
1 2102 Robertson, Ian C  1  -  0 Anderson, Graham C  1574 Home Win 
2 1837 Forbes, Garry  ½  -  ½ Cook, William M  1575 Draw 
3 1833 Carpenter, Paul A  1  -  0 Gray, William B  1527 Home Win 
4 1858 McBride, John  ½  -  ½ Hanlon, Hugh  1459 Draw 
5 1835 Sneddon, Iain D  1  -  0 Brodie, David  1281 Home Win 
4 - 1

 Pos  Team  Team Name  P  W  D  L  Pts  W  D  L  W  D  L  Boards  % 
11North Ayrshire Crusaders43107105410013½68
28Dunfermline Knights43016105500012½63
53Forth Valley B4202475800048
72Dumfries and District41032488000840
84Hamilton B401312612000525

SNCL Division 3 Crosstable
 Team  Name  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  Plyd  Boards 
North Ayrshire Crusaders   4       13½ 
Dumfries and District 2    1     
Forth Valley B  3 5 ½     1 9½ 
Hamilton B1  0        
Lanark         1 11½ 
Inverclyde 4         11½ 
Oban         2 8½ 
Dunfermline Knights   4   4   3 12½ 

SNCL Division 3 Match Results

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