Friday, 7 December 2012

Dunfermline A get back in title chase 05/12/12

2 late draw offers secured victory for Dunfermline A over a weakened Grangemouth A. Dougie sacrificed a bit for 2 pawns but Ian's counter-sack of the same material was massively more effective. Ian v Iain was pretty stodgy from start to finish (in the opinion of spectators). Board 3 was wide open and enterprising but time trouble proved fatal for Gavin who missed several draws. Michael nicely won a pawn and had the better position but got short on time.Grangemouth new young player Ross was rather thrown in at the deep end at the last minute. He did well but Fred's experience told.

Grangemouth 2-3 Dunfermline 
Dougie Will 0-1 Ian Robertson 
Ian Mason Draw Iain Sneddon 
John Smith 1-0 Gavin Saxton 
Hugh Hanlon Draw Michael Roy 
Ross Heenan 0-1 Fred Ossowski 

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  1. Stodgy!!?? Hidden strategic depths more like! Or just missed tactics and confusion is a more honest answer!