Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dunfermline A V Stirling A 7th March 2012

Captains report.

A good demonstration of teamwork – 2 A-Team, 1 B-Team and 2 C-Team players combining to grab the win. Charlie was the hero overcoming a deficit of 2 pawns and many grading points. Bryan just lacked precision at crucial moments while Dave’s pieces homed in on his King like magnets. Fred played with great energy and used his central pawn mass to decisive effect. After making an error Michael got carried away and decided on an all or nothing bash. Steve kept calm and won smoothly. In the final game to finish I just kept niggling away at various weak spots with Kenny getting ever less co-ordinated. He rushed a move and a piece fell.

I Robertson 1-0 K McGeoch

M Roy 0-1 S Smith

F Ossowski 1-0 R Hayles

B O’Rourke 0-1 D Hewitt

C Stewart 1-0 D Brodie

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