Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dunfermline B V Stirling B 21/03/2012

After the Dunfermline team secured the allegro league championship, it seems that the Dunfermline B team will stumble towards securing the 2nd div title. All they have to do is draw or beat the Stirling C team in their final match. Report from last nights match below.

Dunfermline B had a 5-0 victory in sight. Incredibly they converted that into a 2.5-2.5 tie!
Charlie misunderstood his clock and calmly lost on time while he was a pawn ahead. Glynis was 2 pieces ahead and could simply have made it 3 pieces ahead but generously allowed a perpetual check! Stewart also allowed a repetition while better. Fred missed umpteen opportunities to win a king and pawns ending when he was a passed pawn up. On top board Florin got an early initiative and won quickly as his opponent consumed all his time desperately searching for some freedom.

F Toderec 1-0 T Pitson
F Ossowski draw D Hewitt
S Brisbane draw G Anderson
G Grant draw M Roe
C Stewart 0-1 G Allcock  

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