Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Stirling 3.5 V Dunfermline 1.5 - 09/10/17

Jim Shemilt 1/2 Ian Robertson
Steve Smith 1-0 Stuart Black
Bill Cook 1/2 Jamie O'Connor
Graham Anderson 1-0 Michael Roy
Dave Hewitt 1/2 Calum Smith

A welcome win for Stirling after our defeat at Badgers Brook.  There
were interesting games with the match not being decided until right at
the end of the playing session as Dunfermline's boards 1 and 5 tried to
get the wins they needed to half the match.  Both games were eventually
agreed drawn with the four players involved all down to around a minute
on the clock. (report by Stirling captain Steve Smith)

The boards 1 and 5 were particularly interesting in that Dunfermline did achieve the desired winning positions only to blunder away both in time scrambles which allowed Stirling to offer generous draws.  On board 1 Dunfermline was better throughout and at times much better (+3) only to make one incorrect 50/50 decision towards the end which allowed a brilliant response turning the tables entirely.  On board 5 patient play started to reap rewards when Calum’s queen got behind Dave’s defences but then Calum left a piece hanging as time drifted.   

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