Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Stirling Wallace 7 Dunfermline Sharks 9 - 27/03/17

The wooden spoon contest went narrowly in favour of the visitors. 
Wallace took an early lead, but round 3 turned the match when Wallace
failed to use the advantage with white and Sharks consolidated in round

Round 1
Tom Wallace 1/2 Michael Roy
Jim Shemilt 1/2 Stuart Black
Craig Manson 1/2 Stewart Brisbane
Steve Smith 1-0 Peter Horne

Round 2
S Smith 1/2 M Roy
T Wallace 0-1 S Black
J Shemilt 1-0 S Brisbane
C Manson 1/2 P Horne

Round 3
C Manson 0-1 M Roy
S Smith 0-1 S Black
T Wallace 0-1 S Brisbane
J Shemilt 1-0 P Horne

Round 4
J Shemilt 0-1 M Roy
C Manson 0-1 S Black
S Smith 1-0 S Brisbane
T Wallace 1/2 P Horne

Good for Sharks particularly as they did not realise they were due to play this match on Monday but fortunately Steve mentioned it to Peter at SNCL and everybody was contacted in time.

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