Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Dunfermline B 4-1 Stirling B 19/03/18

Dunfermline B vs Stirling B, 19/3/18

Calum Smith 1581  ½-½  Dave Hewitt (c) 1584
Andy Forbes 1541  ½-½  Richard Warcup e1500
Fred Ossowski 1553  1-0  Tony Pitson 1469
Peter Horne (c) 1370  1-0  Craig Manson 1455
Douglas Rew 1452  1-0  Brad Duthie 1428

Dunfermline B 4-1 Stirling B

Stirling had white on boards 1, 4 and 5.

Congratulations to Dunfermline B, who clinched division 2 for the
third season in a row and for the eighth season in the last ten with a
convincing 4-1 win over their nearest rivals. Dunfermline take the
title with a match to spare, being three points ahead of Stirling
after a very solid season which has seen them win eight of their nine
matches and lose just one.

There was a bit of rejigging at the start tonight as Stewart Brisbane
didn't appear for Dunfermline and after a few minutes Ian Robertson
checked his phone and found a text from Stewart saying he was in
hospital. Calum and I paused our clock and I joined Ian, Peter and
Craig outside in the corridor to work out what to do, and of course
given the circumstances it was no problem to slot in a replacement. So
Peter (who had intended being the non-playing captain) took over on
board 4 with a ten-minute deficit which didn't seem to hinder him as
he won an interesting game in due course.

Things had looked quite good for Stirling for a while (a win on the
night would have seen them travel to Badgers in April needing a draw
for the title), with Brad in particular having launched a huge early
attack which flushed out Doug's K and made for a very strange and
exciting-looking position. Brad was probably winning but then had a
calamity: he played a Q check where the Q was under threat from a
pinned N, and once Doug moved his K out of the pin Brad forgot that
his Q wasn't now immune and left it there, allowing Doug to lop it off
with the N for free. Craig went a piece down versus Peter soon after
that, with Peter's pieces swarming all around his K, so that was
another win for Dunfermline. I'd already declined a draw offer from
Calum but with our position fairly blocked and the match effectively
gone (neither of the other two boards looked like turning into wins
for Stirling), I offered a draw back which Calum accepted. The other
games went on for quite a while but Tony eventually lost a pawn-down
ending against Fred, after which Richard and Andy shook hands on a
draw with Andy having a promising-looking K-side attack with heavy
pieces and an advanced pawn.

Well played Dunfermline - an excellent performance throughout the
season from a good group of players well captained by Peter. Here's to
next season's campaign - and here's hoping that Stewart is out of
hospital and playing again soon.

(I believe it was not too serious and that Stewart is now out of hospital)

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