Monday, 7 December 2015

Dunfermline A 1-4 Stirling A - 7/12/15

Oh dear. Dunfermline had out one of its stronger sides in the past couple of seasons and after the opening few moves it looked promising on all boards for the home side.  Alas first Ben’s sac of piece for several pawns backfired then with John’s position starting to look dubious and Stuart’s looking a bit messy and Michael showing no immediate progress, Ian felt obliged to turn down 2 draw offers only in time to allow Jim a mate in one!  John then fell thereby ending the match but not the entertainment.

Stuart by now had a queen for a couple of pieces but calmly left his queen hanging for nothing.  However Graham had no time left and lost when his flag fell taking the queen.  That left Michael to nurse home his extra pawn in a bishop v knight ending.  Sadly he allowed knight takes bishop exchange at the wrong moment and found himself in a lost pawn ending.  Some matches go for you and some against.  Just not Dunfermline’s evening.

  1. I Robertson 0-1 J Shemilt
  2. J McBride 0-1 N Irving
  3. M Roy 0-1 S Smith
  4. S Black 1-0 G Anderson
  5. B Volland 0-1 Bill Cook

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