Thursday, 26 November 2015

Grangemouth Tigers 9-7 Stirling Bruce, 25/11/15

Congratulations to Grangemouth Tigers who won a tight and
well-contested match where, unusually, the lead changed hands between
half-time and the finish. Probably the two main factors in
Grangemouth's victory were Uby's fine 4/4 and me having the poorest
night scorewise that I've had for ages, only managing a single draw,
against Hugh in the last round.

It was the third time in four seasons that the Bruce team has lost to
the Tigers, and Ian, Uby and co now look nicely placed in the league,
with two wins out of two and Stirling Wallace and Dunfermline Minnows
as their remaining opponents. Bruce are still in the chase but
probably need to beat both Dunfermline teams and hope that Tigers lose
somewhere along the way.

Hugh Hanlon 1361  0-1  Bill Cook 1642
Bill Gray 1581  0-1  Graham Anderson 1630
Ian Mason (c) 1800  ½-½  John Blake 1596
Ubong Archibong 2224  1-0  Dave Hewitt (c) 1448

Archibong  1-0  Cook
Hanlon  0-1  Anderson
Gray  0-1  Blake
Mason  1-0  Hewitt
2-2 / 3½-4½

Mason  ½-½  Cook
Archibong  1-0  Anderson
Hanlon  0-1  Blake
Gray  1-0  Hewitt
2½-1½ / 6-6

Gray  ½-½  Cook
Mason  1-0  Anderson
Archibong  1-0  Blake
Hanlon  ½-½  Hewitt
3-1 / 9-7

Tigers won the toss and had white in rounds 1 and 3.

Tigers: Archibong 4, Mason 3, Gray 1½, Hanlon ½
Bruce: Blake 2½, Cook 2, Anderson 2, Hewitt ½

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