Thursday, 24 October 2013

Grangemouth A 1.5-3.5 Dunfermline A 23/10/2013

An unlucky Grangemouth made a good fight of this despite the handicap of a default.  Dougie lost on time when only a pawn down On board 2 Dunfermline were doing well but a mistake let Ian take the initiative and he probably would have won if he had a bit more time left.  On board 3 Bill come out the opening really well but lost his way (and 3 pawns) before Fred gifted his queen.  On board 4 Stewart's experience in tactical play gained him an early extra piece.  Bryan was happy at getting a free night.

Grangemouth A   1.5-3.5 Dunfermline A  
Dougie Will     0-1     Ian Robertson  
Ian Mason       Draw    Iain Sneddon   
Bill Gray       1-0     Fred Ossowski  
David Fowler    0-1     Stewart Brisbane       
Default 0-1     Bryan O'Rourke 

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