Monday, 25 March 2013

SNCL - Dunfermline Knights - Div 3 Winners - 24-03-2013

Before the match the team had quite a battle between our 2nd to 5th players about who could play on board 5. Nobody wanted the board 2 slot and board 5 looked easier. Well I won because I have not played much and the fact that I am rubbish helped a lot.

Well I played 8 knight moves in the first 16 and was probably winning by move 12. I was the first to finish, so board 5 was the place to be.

Not a lot to be said about the match as a whole. For once it was smooth with no cock ups. All the matches were comfortable and the only threat was that we might draw a couple. In the end a 4.5/5 win for us was representative of the situation on the ground and as a result Dumfries have been relegated in consecutive years.

Before the final round North Ayrshire and Inverclyde were 1 point behind us and were tied on 18 game points. Inverclyde looked nailed on to get the 2nd promotion spot, as they had the easier final match. However, Inverclyde's board 2 cocked up against someone nearly 600 grading points lower and both teams won 4-1. Both teams had 10 points and 22 game points and their individual match result was a draw.

How do you split them? The organisers had a problem as this situation is not covered by the rules. If we had messed up and drawn our match we would have joined those 2 teams with the same points and game points. Luckily for the organisers there were only 2 teams to separate. I thought chess boxing was a good way to sort it. That was not to be and in the end the teams agreed to bottom board elimination. Removing board 5 from the matches still resulted in a tie, so board 4 had to go. This time North Ayrshire came out on top by 1 point and they will be promoted.

So back to the 2nd division for us and hopefully, now we have a permanent decent board 1 player we should stay there.

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