Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dunfermline A 3-2 Grangemouth A - 21/03/2013

It is still a 3 team race
Dunfermline keeps pace with Badgers at the top of the table with this narrow win.
On top board Dougie dropped a cheap early pawn and although this was the last game finished the result was never in doubt. On 2 Iain got a big squeeze on his opponent's artificial piece placement leading to a quick and 'crushing' win. Michael and Mark got a kind of draughts type position with each controlling opposite coloured squares. Jim and John got unbalanced material but a balanced position leading to a draw by repetition. Bryan seemed to be in control after some spectacular play but lost after going just a bit too negative when Bill offered a dubious sacrifice.

Dunfermline A 3-2 Grangemouth A 
Ian Robertson 1-0 Dougie Will 
Iain Sneddon 1-0 Ian Mason 
Michael Roy Draw Mark Monaghan 
Jim Webster Draw John Smith 
Bryan O'Rourke 0-1 Bill Gray 

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