Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dunfermline 5-minute Knockout for 2011

The Dunfermline 5-minute Knockout for 2011 took place last night. I was too busy to 
take part, so I have copied the details below from the Dunfermline club website.

Played -- Monday 19th September

2011 Winner - Ian Robertson

 I RobertsonI RobertsonI RobertsonI Robertson
C StewartC Stewart
A Cleary
P HorneP HorneP Horne
B O'Rourke
 F Ossowski
 D RewD RewI Snedden
S HawkinsD Rodger
D Rodger
G WebbG WebbI Snedden
R Murray
I SneddenI Snedden
S Brisbane

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