Monday, 14 March 2011

Glenrothes chess congress 11th-13th of March 2011

Five Dunfermline players played in this excellent Glenrothes tournament. Not much to report apart for an U1300 grading prize for a Terry Doherty. In the minor U1450, Peter Horne scored 3/5, Glynis Grant scored 2/5 and Terry Doherty scored 3.5/5. In the open, Ian Robertson scored 3/5 and I scored 2/5.

It is unusual for someone to win with 5/5 in such a strong open, but Alan Tate managed just that. He beat an IM and a near IM strength player in rounds four and five to average 2551 for the weekend. Some performance!

For a change, it was nice for me to have a decent win against someone close to my playing strength. The game can be viewed below.


  1. In actual fact there was a 5th Dunfermline player taking part. Terry Doherty joined the club this year and played well in the minor, scoring 3.5/5 and picking up the U1300 grading prize for his excellent effort.