Thursday, 24 February 2011

Clash of the allegro teams

Both Dunfermline allegro teams were in action tonight against both of the Stirling teams.

The Dunfermline Minnows pretty much routed the Stirling Wallace team 13-3. The Dunfermline win did not seem much in doubt at any point. Especially, after Wallace failed to convert their best chance on paper of a victory in the first match and instead lost it 3-1. As a result, with one match left to play, the Dunfermline Minnows have more or less sewn up the Central Allegro League title.

The Dunfermline Sharks struggled in their four matches, with the Bruce team just about holding the edge all the way through. The Sharks needed to win the final matchup 3-1, or better to come away with anything. However, they instead lost it 3-1. Making a final score of 9.5-6.5 to Stirling Bruce. This is the side that the Minnows scraped past a few weeks back and they have a realistic chance of achieving second place in the league.

Details of the Dunfermline Minnows V Stirling Wallace match.

Round one
Minnows have the white pieces
Dunfermline Minnows          Stirling Wallace
Ian Robertson  2181  1  V  0  1417  Robert G Toqneri
John McBride  1728  1  V  0  1645  Stephen H Smith
Jim Webster    1652  0  V  1  1748  Kenny McGeoch
George Webb 1520  1  V  0  1389  David Brodie

Round two
Minnows have the black pieces
Ian Robertson  2181  1  V  0  1645  Stephen H Smith
John McBride  1728  0  V  1  1748  Kenny McGeoch
Jim Webster    1652  1  V  0  1389  David Brodie
George Webb 1520  1  V  0  1417  Robert G Toqneri

Round three
Minnows have the white pieces
Ian Robertson  2181  1  V  0  1748  Kenny McGeoch
John McBride  1728  1  V  0  1389  David Brodie
Jim Webster    1652  1  V  0  1417  Robert G Toqneri
George Webb 1520  1  V  0  1645  Stephen H Smith

Round four
Minnows have the black pieces
Ian Robertson  2181  1  V  0  1389  David Brodie
John McBride  1728  1  V  0  1417  Robert G Toqneri
Jim Webster    1652  1  V  0  1645  Stephen H Smith
George Webb 1520  0  V  1  1748  Kenny McGeoch

I don't have the details for the other match, but they will eventually appear on the Chess Scotland website

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