Thursday, 13 May 2010

LEAGUE AND DUNFERMLINE CLUB TITLES: 4 out of 5 for Dunfermline, Grangemouth B 0.5 V Dunfermline B 4.5 - 12/05/10 Club championship and League tables 2009-2010

Last night Dunfermline achieved the 4th of their 4 season targets, quite an achievement. (Update: This only left the U1500 Cup. Stirling only just retained this by one game point, when Cumbernauld failed to draw or better against the Dunfermline team) 
Jim Watson           0-1      Fred Ossowski  (W)
Bill Gray               0-1      Jim Webster       (W)
Donald Wilson       1/2     Stewart Brisbane (B)
Hugh Hanlon        0-1      Calum Smith        (W)
default                  0-1      Peter Horne
Grangemouth B 1/2  Dunfermline B 4 1/2

Links to the grading data at Chess Scotland.

League results, club championships and tables taken from the Dunfermline website
Division One League results and tables for 2009/10
Division Two League results and tables for 2009/10
Allegro League results and tables for 2009/10
Central League Cup results and tables for 2009/10
Dunfermline Club Champs 2009-2010
Dunfermline U1500 2009-2010
Dunfermline Allegro Champs 2009-2010
Dunfermline 5 min KO 2009-2010

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