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KO CUP FINAL-Dunfermline 3.5-3.5 Badgers Brook 11/05/2015

Dunfermline 3.5-3.5 Badgers Brook

  1. Ian Robertson 1-0 Kenny McGeoch
  2. Michael Roy 1-0 Mark Cooke
  3. Fred Ossowski 0-1 Fabio Biancalana
  4. Jim Webster 0-1 John Smith
  5. Stuart Black 1/2-1/2 Graham Kerr
  6. Stewart Brisbane 0-1 Dave McGilivray
  7. Matthew Stewart 1-0 Kenny Aiston

Dunfermline win on board count.

Dunfermline avenged last season’s cup final loss on board count against Badgers Brook winning this time around by the same method. It always looked like it would be a tight contest with Badgers higher rated on boards 2-5 and Dunfermline higher rated on 1, 6 & 7. 

There was plenty excitement and drama.  An early loss befell board 4 as Jim seemed to have left all his good moves in Greece.  It seemed Dunfermline would level quickly on board 7 after Matthew’s clever play stopped Kenny regaining material. It took longer than expected but the result was never in doubt.  Next on top board Ian beat the other Kenny in a lively Kings Gambit where neither player got castled but Kenny found his king chased to the d5 square where it surrendered.  On board 3 history repeated itself - the two players met with the same outcome the previous week. Fabio's steady pressure won first the exchange then pawns started to fall. On board 6 Stewart was slightly better throughout but let his time drift looking for a killing move. He then lost on time after failing to claim a draw in a completely level position.  On board 5 Stuart and Graham had a right ding-dong battle.  Only they know who was better in a wide open position with several pieces in a precarious situation. The spectators believed both protagonists were losing!  A draw by repetition had to be the correct result. That left board 2 with Dunfermline needing a win. It looked good for Mark but with time running low for both players he missed that he could play a simplifying QxR tactic and was punished as Michael kept an extra piece and then found an impressive tactical finish.

Finally a big thank you to Badgers for their sportsmanship.  Michael had arrived from work just as the clocks were starting and immediately sat down without switching off his phone.  Inevitably it rang a minute into the match - which incidentally sent several players from both sides scurrying for their pockets! Badgers sportingly shrugged off the disruption and all games continued. 


Congratulations to Dunfermline on the cup win, and commiserations to
Badgers Brook - it sounds like another very close and exciting match
in a season that seems to have been stuffed with them. So of the five
Central League trophies, two this season have gone to Dunfermline, two
to Stirling and one - the big one, the main league title - to Badgers.
Will be interesting to see how next season plays out, with Grangemouth
likely to be more in contention if they can retain their top four of
Uby, Dougie, Alan and Ian, and Cumbernauld perhaps recovering from
their recent dip in form. It's all very close and competitive across
the various competitions and formats, which has to be a good thing.

Oh, and the final division 1 match last night saw Stirling beat
Cumbernauld 3-2 to take third place. Stirling were in trouble on the
three lower boards despite a hefty grading advantage, so the result
looked to be heading the other way before various late swings saw the
home team take the points.

Stirling A vs Cumbernauld A, 11/5/15
Jim Shemilt 1787  ½-½  Ralph Stirrat 1737
Steve Smith 1782  ½-½  George Thomson 1593
Robin Hayles 1584  ½-½  Derek McAteer 1233
Bill Cook 1556  ½-½  Steven Monaghan 1124
David Brodie 1236  1-0  David Flaherty 1117

Stirling had white on boards 2 and 3.


Congratulations to Dunfermline, a close and hard fought match...
That ding-dong battle, i was sure i was winning until i hung a piece, just took my eye off it, and in the end was lucky to get out of it with a draw...

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