Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dunfermline A 2-3 Stirling A - 28/01/15

  1. Ian Robertson 1/2-1/2 Shivan Murdochy
  2. Gavin Saxton 1/2-1/2 Jim Shemilt
  3. Fred Ossowski 1/2-1/2 Steve Smith
  4. Andy Forbes 1/2-1/2 Robin Hayles
  5. Glynis Grant 0 - 1 Bill Cook

Well worth Stirling taking the risk of travelling despite the weather warnings and inflicting Dunfermline’s first defeat of the season.  It all hinged on Bill’s sacrifice of piece for 2 pawns and though Glynis was doing well for a while eventually some inaccuracy let bill convert albeit with some very odd moves by both players.  Ian was fractionally better throughout without really being able to create anything decisive.  Once Gavin got out of his initial awkwardness he was better in a complicated game but mutual time trouble saw both players glad to shake hands.  Fred should have won a pawn against Steve but miscounted and the players simplified down to an even ending.  Andy took a pawn in the opening and kept it for a long time.  He thought he had simply blundered it back towards the end and after that disappointment he agreed a draw when material parity was restored but in fact Andy almost certainly still had a winning position.  Alas we have all done it rather than looking at the board afresh.

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