Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dunfermline won the U1500 KO final V Cumbernauld on board count 12/05/2014

Although the team visited Cumbernauld with only 4 players an inspired board order of Bryan, Tom, Peter, George put 2 of Dunfermline’s more active players on 3 and 4.  With only 20 grading points separating boards 2-4 it made sense to ‘sacrifice’ Tom against one of their stronger players. Nice bit of captaincy!

Regarding the title of this message, Dunfermline lost on board 2 and defaulted 5 but had won on boards 1 and 4 when surprisingly the Cumbernauld board 3 offered a draw.  Peter checked with George to make sure he had his sums right then accepted for a board count victory. When Peter was still considering the draw offer, the Cumbernauld player realised his error and politely asked if he could withdraw the offer!  Nice try but no.

Amazingly, even though the match started later at 7.30 the Dunfermline team were back in the pub in Dunfermline by just after 10.00pm to celebrate.  The match itself must have taken less than two hours

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