Saturday, 8 February 2014

KO result, Dunfermline beat Grangemouth on board count. 5th of Feb 2014

Dunfermline won on board count.

3 ½ - 3 ½
D Will
I Robertson
I Mason
½ - ½
I Sneddon
W Gray
½ - ½
F Ossowski
H Hanlon
B O’Rourke
C Welsh
½ - ½
G Webb
K Kleinman
G Grant

It was quite a surprise to travel with 6 players and lose 2-1 on the night with 3 draws and yet Dunfermline won the match.  It certainly helped that Grangemouth defaulted board 7.  This happened in advance so the Dunfermline board 7 did not have to travel.

First finished was board one when Dougie’s enterprising early piece sacrifice alas simply left him a piece down for nothing much.  Next finished was board 4 where Bryan was in trouble early and Hugh won convincingly.  Draws followed on boards 2 and 3 with Dunfermline doing the pressing on 2 and Grangemouth pressing on 3 but the defenders held.  By this time it was looking good for Dunfermline as George was now winning and Glynis had been winning throughout missing several crushing moves to finish the game. Then Glynis aimed for a promising king and pawn ending which she then totally miscounted.  George was still easily winning but with less minutes on the clock showed his experience checking to see if a draw would suffice for the team and then offered a draw rather than make a time trouble error.       

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